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Pigskin Pundit — NFL Picks Week 13

Clash Daily’s Pigskin Pundit

Last week I went 10-6, with four of those wrong picks being decided by a touchdown or less.  The other two were Arizona’s wilt to the Rams, and, of course, my big bomb of the week picking the Packers to beat the Giants in NY.  Looks like Tom Coughlin’s team is about to get over their annual November slump and start looking like a contender again.  Dallas and Philly are officially dead.  The Steelers couldn’t get hot in Cleveland, so I look ridiculous yet again.  Still, I’m at 108-52-1 for the season.

It’s time to start looking at the playoff picture.  The only division that is still up for grabs at this point is the NFC North, with the Bears atop and the Packers close behind.  All the other leaders should win out easily.  Wild cards at this point look to me like Cincinnati and Indianapolis in the AFC, and either Green Bay/Chicago and Seattle in the NFC. 

Here’s the picks for Week 13:

Saints @ Falcons – Atlanta narrowly escaped the Buccaneers’ trap game last week, which shows strength and not weakness.  They are playoff-ready, as New Orleans will find out this week.  Falcs.

49ers @ Rams – The young Rams are improving and will start beating more and more mediocre teams like Arizona.  The Niners aren’t one of those mediocre teams.  San Fran over St. Lou.

Cardinals @ Jets – How festive, red and green together to start the Christmas season!  Santa Rex should at the very least be able to deliver a lump of coal in Arizona’s stocking.  Jets, but who will watch?

Seahawks @ Bears – This promises to be an interesting game (see my opening comments).  If Chicago isn’t one hundred per cent, Seattle could walk out of Soldiers’ Field with a big win.  Bears, barely.

Vikings @ Packers – Will Minnesota sense weakness in Green Bay, or will the Pack get back the mojo they lack after the shellacking in New Yack? The Vikes are only a loss behind … I’ll take the Packers.

Texans @ Titans – The real Titan in this match plays defensive end for Houston.  High Wattage and his Texans ride roughshod over Tennessee.

Patriots @ Dolphins – Miami is a spirited team that is about to be exorcised at home.  Patriots.

Jaguars @ Bills – If Buffalo can’t beat this team at home … Chan needs to get the can.

Colts @ Lions – In spite of Indy’s recent resurrection, they aren’t in the Lions’ league yet.  Hopefully Suh won’t actually kill anyone this season. Indy’s Luck runs out in Detroit.

Panthers @ Chiefs – This game is a early Christmas gift for Cam Newton’s psyche.  I don’t see how rudderless KC can win.  Carolina.

Buccaneers @ Broncos – The upstart Bucs will give Denver a lot to handle, but handle it they will.  Look for high mileage at Mile High.  Broncs bust Bucs.

Bengals @ Chargers – Cincinnati can smell playoffs.  The Chargers just plain smell.  Does Norv Turner have “photos” of every owner he’s ever worked for?  I don’t know how this guy holds a job.  Tigers roar.

Browns @ Raiders – The Brownies are proving tough to tackle in the back half of this season.  The Raiders are just meh.  Hello, Cleveland!!

Steelers @ Ravens – The Steelers want to regain some momentum in hopes of a wildcard berth, at least.  Nevermore, say the Ravens.  Harbaugh’s harbingers hold serve at home.

Eagles @ Cowboys – How the mighty have fallen.  This used to be a must-watch game.  If Jerry Jones’ brain was half the size of his ego, they’d have to enshrine the Lombardi Trophy in Dallas.  Try and stay awake if you’re watching this one.  Romo finds a way not to lose.  Cowboys.

Giants @ Redskins – Two weeks ago I would have rated this game as an almost even match up … but it’s December, and the sleeping Giants have awakened.  Mr. Manning goes to Washington … and wins.

Enjoy the games!

-Pigskin Pundit

Image: Eli Manning; courtesy of Flickr; author: Marianne O’Leary; Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license