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Pigskin Pundit — NFL Week 9

By the Pigskin Pundit
Clash Daily

Week Eight turned out as expected, with only the few games that could have gone either way going the other way.  I was 10-4 for the week, and stand at 66-37, or 65% for the year.

Horrible Hurricane Sandy has finally blown out, thankfully.  Halloween week is here, and we’ll see who will get tricks or treats as the divisional battles begin in earnest. 

Chiefs @ Chargers – Even though our power is finally back on after the hurricane, you can’t say the same for the inconsistent Chargers.  The book on Phil Rivers at this point is that San Diego sent the wrong quarterback packing.  This franchise cannot seem to stay good, no matter the coach, QB or anything.  Norv Turner will be next on the block, replaced by (insert name here), with the same results.  Having said all that, Romeo Crennel will precede Turner to the unemployment line.  He has had two swings at head coaching, and the results are not sustainable.  The rudderless Chiefs will drop this one to the Chargers.

Cardinals @ Packers – The Packers have found their mojo again, and even though they don’t overwhelm opponents in their wins, they don’t need to.  Lambeau rebuffs the Birds.

Lions @ Jaguars – Coming off a big win, these big cats are ready to roar again this week.  Detroit.

Bears @ Titans – Chicago showed some vulnerability last week against Newton’s Panthers, but still came away with the W.  Look for the same result in Tennessee.

Broncos @ Bengals – This conference game is the beginning of the Broncs’ run to the playoffs, and rest assured, they are going to the playoffs this year.  Cincy is a decent team, but Manning will be more than they can handle.  Ponies buck the Tigers on the road.

Panthers @ Redskins – This conference matchup could absolutely go either way.  I’m betting it goes Mike Shanahan’s way.  Skins tame the Panthers.

Ravens @ Browns – Even though orange is the color of the week, Cleveland isn’t ready to knock off division rival Baltimore yet. Blackbirds smash the pumpkinheads.

Dolphins @ Colts – Indy has shown life and spunk lately, especially at home.   I still think Miami is the better team.  With the Jets living in the AFC East basement and the Bills heading there also, the upstart Dolphins are more like sharks at this point, as they smell blood in the water.  Miami for the road win.

Bills @ Texans – Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show is about to get plugged by a bunch of real cowboys.  Kubiak moves his gunfighters one step closer to playoff land.

Vikings @ Seahawks – Should be a fun game.  Both teams are trying to regain momentum after losses.  I like the Seahawks defense just a little bit better, but it’s a coin-flip.  Seattle.

Buccaneers @ Raiders – Eastern pirates vs. western pirates.  I think Tampa is just a little bit stronger than the Silver & Black Attack, even on the road.  Buccaneers.

Steelers @ Giants – Talk about bone-crushing, old-school football.  There will be more black and blue in this tilt than just the uniforms.  It really could go either way, but I’ll give the narrow edge to Jason Pierre-Paul.  Big Blue plays “Watch Ben Run”.

Cowboys @ Falcons – Atlanta is overdue for a trap loss.  Romo and Company will somehow fail to secure that loss for Atlanta. Mike Smith’s train rolls on….

Eagles @ Saints – Well, at least we know who New Orleans’ quarterback will be Monday night.  Like the vaunted cheese steak, Philly’s reputation is better than they actually are.  Take away the cheesy smear of Velveeta and some shaved beef, and there isn’t much else there but hype on a roll.  The Saints haven’t returned to contender status yet, but they have a better chance of getting there than Andy Reed’s team.  Saints ground the Eagles.

Thoughts and prayers go out to those who were hammered by the storm.  Enjoy the games!

-Pigskin Pundit