Pigskin Pundit – NFL Week Twelve

Published on November 21, 2012

By Clash Daily’s Pigskin Pundit

We’ll find out who the turkeys really are this week.  Happy Thanksgiving to one and all!  Turkey Day promises to be non-stop fun for anyone who likes a little inflated pork rind to go with their stuffing, cranberry sauce and pie. 

Those pesky Steelers did it to me again, so I’m going to pick them to win out for the rest of season and thereby doom them to finishing out of the playoffs.  Honestly, even I was a bit surprised at how close I called the games last week.  I picked Dallas to squeak by the Browns, and it took an overtime field goal to do it.  Carolina looked like they had Tampa’s number for a while, but the Bucs roared back and pulled it out.  The Rams did play like the Lambs, and let Gang Green escape with a win.  RG3 worked his dreadlocked magic, and the Eagles are off of flight status indefinitely.  I went 11-3 for the week and stand at 98-46-1 (68%) on the season.  

Here are the picks for Thanksgiving Week.

TEXANS @ LIONS – Houston had their hands full last week, needing overtime and a record-tying performance from Schaub to put away the toothless Jags.  They will need to play better this week in order to tame the Lions.  Texans.  Pass the mashed potatoes. 

COWBOYS @ REDSKINS – Cowboys and Indians never gets old.  Dallas circles the wagons while Griffin launches flaming arrows towards Santana Moss.  Texas will feel like Indian Country, as the Skins scalp the 10-gallon hatters.  Cranberry sauce with that?

PATRIOTS @ JETS – Good news/bad news in New England.  Talib helped solidify their porous D-backs, but Gronkzilla is lost for a couple months.  The Jets will be stuffed with themselves on Thanksgiving after road-beating the Rams, but they still have a turkey at QB and a ham for a coach.  The Colonials should feast on them nonetheless.  Vince Wilfork eats Sanchez as a snack.

BILLS @ COLTS – The Colts are slightly better than Buffalo.  Spiller will give Indy some trouble, but I like Luck & Company in their own corral.  Horseshoes.

SEAHAWKS @ DOLPHINS – Miami has more rebuilding to do.  Squawks do the victory walk.

FALCONS @ BUCCANEERS – Arizona gave the Falcons a scare last Sunday, and Atlanta knows they have a target painted on them.  Tampa won’t let up on them either, as the Bucs need wins to keep revived New Orleans in the rearview mirror. Falcons lay an egg in the Bay.

RAIDERS @ BENGALS – Oakland is about to run into man-eating tigers in Ohio.  Bengals.

STEELERS @ BROWNS – Cleveland’s uniforms are the colors of pumpkin pie.  Coincidence?  Steelers dine on Brownies and whine.     

TITANS @ JAGUARS – Jacksonville showed some of the fight the city’s namesake is renowned for against Houston last week.  Props to them for putting up a noble battle, but I think their last few teeth were pulled.  If Chad Henne was the answer, he’d still be in Miami.  Titans.

BRONCOS @ CHIEFS – Manning’s mighty McGahee-less Mile-Highers make much mayhem for miserable Missourians.  

VIKINGS @ BEARS – Da Bears showed the depth of their vulnerability without Cutler, as Copernicus was astronomical Monday night for SF.  If Cutler returns for this one, it’s Bears in a trouncing.  If not, the Vikes are going to smell divisional blood.  I’ll go with Chicago on the hope Cutler returns.   

RAVENS @ CHARGERS – Fun in the sun for Baltimore, as they grind on towards division dominance.  Crab cakes trump fish tacos.
49ERS @ SAINTS – What happens when two teams with golden helmets and a lot on the line meet?  Great football, that’s what.  I think this is a pick-em, and I’m picking … the Niners.

RAMS @ CARDINALS – Remember when the Rams were from Los Angeles and the Cardinals were from St. Louis?  This game tastes like holiday leftovers … not bad, but not great.  Cards.

PACKERS @ GIANTS – Huge rematch of last year’s NFC heavyweight tune-up.  I’m seeing Green & Gold in this one.

PANTHERS @ EAGLES – A panther and an eagle walk into a bar … I feel bad to say it, but these are two punch-line teams at this point.  Cam Newton gets a little Philly cheese to go with his whine, and nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina after Phiiilly … ba DUM bum.  I’m here all week.