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Throw Up Your Lunch Alert: Madonna Strips to Raise Money for Sandy Victims

The Material Girl has been showing more than a lot of love for victims of Hurricane Sandy.

At her most recent concerts in Cleveland and New York, she stripped for the audience in order to get donations for storm relief (videos follow with transcribed highlights and commentary, mild vulgarity).

Her striptease at Madison Square Garden in New York City Monday got a lot of press.

“What happens when a girl takes her pants off?” Madonna asked the cheering crowd. “You throw some money at her.”

“This money is not for me,” she continued once her pants were off. “We are collecting money for victims of Hurricane Sandy. So please feel free to be generous while I freeze my ass off up here for you.”

“You think my naked ass is obscene?” she asked. “I’ll tell you what’s obscene: man’s lack of humanity towards one another. That is obscene.”
She then told the crowd, “Give me your money.”

Although this display got the media attention because it happened in New York, Madonna did the same thing in Cleveland Saturday.

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