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Barack Obama’s First Term of Endangerment (part 1)

800px-Barack_Obama_&_Joe_Biden_on_White_House_putting_green_4-24-09The following is a list of a few of President Obama’s accomplishments during his first term inside and outside of the White House. The apology tour and vacation schedules have been left out of the time line.  If you are wanting to send Barry a gift, I am sure he would like to receive some extra golf balls.

01/20/09         Barak Hussein Obama is the first black, Muslim, Marxist to be sworn in as the President of the United States.  Since Obama was incapable of repeating the oath given by Justice John Roberts, Obama was sworn in one additional time at a future date.  That would also make him the first President to be sworn in twice.
01/22/09         Obama makes a failed attempt to close Guantanamo Bay detention center.
02/27/09         Obama makes a televised announcement to withdraw troops from Iraq by August 31, 2010.  Now the enemy has our timeline.  Intelligent move, Mr. President.
03/09/09         Obama uses executive order 13505 to allow embryonic stem cell research to be funded by taxpayer’s dollars.  What else would you expect from a man that supports partial birth abortion? 
03/20/09         First President to make an appearance with Jay Leno on the “Tonight Show”.  If I remember correctly, he also made a showing with David Letterman and gals from “The View”.  He loves rubbing elbows with the Hollywood crowd.
04/26/09         Golf at Andrews Air Force Base
03/29/09         Obama nationalizes a giant sector of the automotive industry using, once again, taxpayers’ dollars.  This was accomplished through the use of a $700 billion stimulus package.  Isn’t Government Motors doing just great?  I can’t wait until they revolutionize the industry with their new electric car. 
03/31/09         Obama meets with the Queen of England for the first time and gives her an IPod for a gift.  I wonder if he placed his picture on it for the cover page. 
05/16/09         Golf at Fort Belvoir golf course
05/25/09         Golf at Fort Belvoir golf course
05/31/09         Golf at Fort Belvoir golf course
06/07/09         Golf at Andrews Air Force Base
06/14/09         Golf at Fort Belvoir golf course
06/18/09         PETA criticizes Obama for swatting at a fly during an interview.
06/19/09         Obama’s “Cash for Clunkers” incentive program is introduced.  Up to 4,500 dollars will be available for trading in a broken down car in order to purchase a new more fuel efficient automobile. 
06/21/09         Golf at Fort Belvoir golf course
06/28/09         Golf at Andrews Air Force Base
07/12/09         Golf at Fort Belvoir golf course
07/19/09         Golf at Andrews Air Force Base
07/26/09         Golf at Andrews Air Force Base
07/30/09         Obama holds a “Beer Summit” with police Sgt. James Crowley who arrested  black Harvard professor, Henry Louis Gates Jr. for disorderly conduct.  I reckon Obama felt like a fool when he said the officer “acted stupidly” so he resolved the issue by sitting down with both of them over a cold beer and talking about their golf game. 
08/08/09         Golf at Fort Belvoir golf course
08/09/09         The first Hispanic socialist Supreme Court Judge, Sonia Sotomayor, is sworn in and only the third woman to take the role.
08/24/09         Golf at Farm Neck Golf Club
08/25/09         Golf at Mink Meadows Golf Club
08/27/09         Golf at Vineyard Golf Club
08/28/09         Golf at Vineyard Golf Club
08/31/09         Golf at Army Navy Country Club
09/06/09         Golf at Fort Belvoir golf course
09/10/09         Senator Joe Wilson, the Republican representative from South Carolina, calls President Obama a liar in regards to the Health Care Plan during an address to Congress. 
09/13/09         Golf at Andrews Air Force Base
09/17/09         The Student Loan program was nationalized through the Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2009. 
09/20/09         Golf at Andrews Air Force Base
09/27/09         Golf at Fort Belvoir golf course
10/09/09         President Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize.  The 2012 recipient of the Noble Peace Prize was the European Union and a few other recent socialist benefactors that may be known are Al Gore, Jimmy Carter, Kofi Anan, Kim Dae-Jung and Yasser Arafat.   When this group gets together, it doesn’t sound like a Billy Beer summit that I would like to attend.
10/11/09         Golf at Andrews Air Force Base
10/25/09         Golf at Fort Belvoir golf course (Obama matches G.W. Bush’s rounds)
11/05/09         Army major Nidal Malik Hasan kills 13 at the Fort Hood army base in Texas. Obama calls this an episode of “work place violence”.  Believe it or not, Fort Hood is a gun free zone not allowing our soldiers to carry weapons.
11/21/09         Golf at Andrews Air Force Base
12/26/09         Golf at Kaneohe Klipper Golf Course, HI
                        A failed attempt was made by Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab to set off a shoe bomb on a flight from London to Detroit.  The man has suspected links to al-Qaida.    
12/28/09         Golf at Luana Hills Country Club, HI
12/31/09         Golf at Mid-Pacific Country Club
01/03/10         Golf at Kaneohe Klipper Golf Course, HI
01/27/10         Obama delivers his first state of the union speech and slams the United States Supreme Court Justices over a recent decision.  His focus was on jobs, health care and the economy.  He said, “Let’s try common sense”.  We all know how his common sense is working.  I doubt if Bambi is even street smart!
03/23/10         He signs “Obamacare” after bribing several Congressmen with State designated monies.  Now we have nationalized / socialized health care to look forward to in the future.
04/03/10         Golf at Fort Belvoir golf course
04/10/10         Golf at Fort Belvoir golf course
04/23/10         Golf at The Grove Park Inn, Asheville, NC
04/24/10         Golf at The Grove Park Inn, Asheville, NC
05/08/10         Golf at Fort Belvoir golf course
05/15/10         Golf at Fort Belvoir golf course
05/16/10         Golf at Fort Belvoir golf course
05/22/10         Golf at Andrews Air Force Base
06/13/10         Golf at Andrews Air Force Base
06/19/10         Golf at Andrews Air Force Base
07/04/10         Golf at Andrews Air Force Base
07/11/10         Golf at Fort Belvoir golf course
07/25/10         Golf at Andrews Air Force Base
07/31/10         Golf at Andrews Air Force Base
08/06/10         Obama appoints known socialist Elena Kagan to the U.S. Supreme Court. If ya don’t believe me, read her college thesis.  I can’t wait to see the other Marxists that will be appointed to OUR Supreme Court.
08/20/10         Golf at Vineyard Golf Club
08/22/10         Golf at Vineyard Golf Club
08/24/10         Golf at Farm Neck Golf Club
08/25/10         Golf at Mink Meadows Golf Club, Martha’s Vineyard, MA
08/26/10         Golf at Farm Neck Golf Club
08/27/10         Golf?
09/19/10         Golf at Andrews Air Force Base
09/25/10         Obama is Golfing Today by Keith Koffler on September 25, 2010, 2:53. pm  So what’s new, you ask? Just letting you know. It’s my job to report to you the obvious as well.  Usual buddies, White House trip director Marvin Nicholson and Energy Department’s David Katz, are along, as well as Nicholson’s brother …
10/09/10         Golf.  I am just glad a few journalists are starting to catch on.
10/17/10         Golf at Andrews Air Force Base
10/24/10         Golf at Andrews Air Force Base
12/23/10         Golf at Klipper Golf Course, Hawaii.
12/26/10         Golf.   
12/28/10         Golf.
12/31/10         Golf.
The remainder of Obama’s first Term will continue next week.  Until then, I Wish You All a Merry Christmas and safe travels.

Image: President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden practice their putting on the White House putting green April 24, 2009; courtesy of: P042409PS-0122; author: Pete Souza for The Official White House Photostream; Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license

David Hiatt

David Hiatt sees a good part of America driving his truck across it, mostly from Indiana down to the bottom of Texas. He is a passionate Christian Constitutional Conservative that is concerned about the direction this Great Nation is heading.