Everywhere, All the Time: All Drama Obama

Written by Allan Erickson on December 1, 2012

The world is chaotic enough without having “leadership” contribute to the mayhem.  Responsible leadership has a stabilizing effect.  When leadership is destabilizing, one of three things must be true: either that leadership is purposefully destabilizing, or it is incompetent, or both.

Authoritative Islam, encouraged in its aggression by an accommodating administration, is on the march worldwide.  The Arab Spring, blossoming thanks to Obama’s horticulture, has been hijacked by sultans pressing the new Caliphate. From the beginning in 2009, with his sermon in Cairo, it has been all drama Obama.

First he is for Israel, then he is against Israel, then he decries terrorism, then he supports Hamas and sends it millions, then he is for a united Jerusalem, then he wants the city divided.  All drama Obama always wants it both ways, and the middle too, leaving everyone in confusion.

Confusion is great diversion providing aggressors cover for attack. Hence, all drama Obama comes up with the war on women, Romney killed a woman, Republicans favor the 1%, Occupy Wall Street is great, Tea Party people are racists, America is the problem, Obama is the solution. 

When the BP oil spill occurred, without congressional authority or judicial ruling, all drama Obama jumped, in threatening the company, forcing it to set up some $20B in escrow, then prosecuted the company which employs 250,000 Americans.  Yesterday, the news broke Obama has banned BP from acquiring any government contracts.  All drama Obama seeks revenge, at any cost, insisting criminal culpability when what happened was largely an accident.

Gridlock. Capitol Hill. Congress. Fiscal cliff. Debt. Deficits. Currency crisis. Economic ruin.  All drama Obama issues decrees, threats, bluffs and bluster. No solutions are offered. No serious negotiations are engaged.  It’s all political theatre.  All drama Obama knows how to keep his disciples entertained, blaming others for conditions he caused.

More gimmicks.  Bring Gitmo detainees to the U.S., staging another drama over the role of our intelligence services, military versus civilian trials, all providing our enemies platforms to promote propaganda.

Drone wars over Pakistan and Afghanistan: the video-game President likes pressing the button, no matter the damage done to international relations, and civilians on the ground.  All drama Obama cares only about ratings at home.

All drama ObamaCare demonstrates horrific impacts daily, a slow motion train wreck sapping our strength as it distracts us continually from the real work of recovery.  More than 1,000 exceptions later, half the states refusing to cooperate, small business destroyed, with escalating costs certain to break the bank, yet his signature legislation is hailed “progressive.”   Give that man an Oscar.  All drama ObamaCare, the box office hoax of the century.

Immigration reform?  The drama turns to comedy, and back again to tragedy as Fast & Furious gets buried in the flurry of other dramas.  Replace Hillary with Rice?  Another sideshow, another meaningless drama, more race baiting, accusations of sexism.  Raise taxes on the rich?  All drama Obama is glad to work with Soros and Co. to aggravate class warfare, all toward the cynical end of grasping power to hammer away at the foundations of liberty.

The Obama administration is purposefully destabilizing so as to accomplish the “fundamental change” Obama preaches.  This administration is also thoroughly incompetent.  Combine chaos with incompetence and you invite crisis: dead ahead.

Allan Erickson
Allan Erickson---Christian, husband, father, journalist, businessman, screenwriter, and author of The Cross & the Constitution in the Age of Incoherence, Tate Publishing, 2012.