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Gannett: Anti-Gun Loons Make BIG Boo-Boo

800px-PacificLoon24“A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways.” James 1:8
Knee-jerk reactions create bad policies. They are based on the foolishness of feelings, which are fickle at best. Following the horrific tragedy in Newtown, CT … we must be circumspect approaching this case and how to sagaciously prevent similar evil events from occurring.
But, as the Left is almost completely ruled by their emotions … they are already committing acts of unequivocal stupidity that will endanger a plethora of Americans … as they venture ever-deeper into hypocrisy. 
On Christmas Eve … Libs timing is incredibly moronic …, (The Journal News), owned by Gannett, published the names and addresses of gun license owners in Westchester, Putnam & Duchess Counties in NY State. Brilliant.

For what purpose did these geniuses do this? They don’t state the reason. But, what they did do is stoke the emotions of a public enraged by the actions of an evil, mentally disturbed adult and instead of responsibly pointing the discussion toward mental illness and irresponsibility (as in the part of the killer’s mom), they focused the entire discussion on the object used by the murderer. And in so doing, violated the privacy of millions of people for being responsible and lawful citizens. Additionally, informed those intending to burgle a home, which homes are NOT protected by weapons.
Dwight Worley, the writer of the piece, should change his name to Wile E. Coyote.
But since the Left is always SO concerned about fairness … I believe they should do the right and fair thing concerning an activity that uses taxpayer funds. As a taxpayer … I would like the Gannett to publish the names and addresses of all women who have obtained abortions and those who performed the abortions at any facility that utilizes my tax dollars … i.e. Planned Parenthood and their ilk.
The double-mindedness of those who possess the PA system in our culture, are slowly and assuredly leading the majority of the population into a place of vulnerability, because they react to everything from an unstable emotional foundation. A foundation which will eventually crumble to the benefit of miscreants.
So, adequation advocates … time to be fair. I’m a pro-life woman and gun advocate, and I want to know that info…
THAT would be fair.

Image: : Pacific Loon (Gavia pacifica), aka Pacific Diver; author: Tim Bowman, USFWS
uploaded by User Kingturtle on en.wikipedia; public domain

Audrey Russo

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