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Hannity Panel Erupts Over Costas Rant: ‘You Shut Your Mouth!’

A debate over gun control turned into an all-out screaming match tonight on Hannity. Guests Erik Rush and Leo Tyrell were on the show to discuss the NFL tragedy of Jovan Belcher’s murder-suicide. NBC’s Bob Costas catapulted the debate on guns in the wake of this incident, when he used the “Sunday Night Football” halftime segment to project his opinion on gun laws.

Sean Hannity used the example of the OJ Simpson case, noting that if someone is determined to kill, they don’t need a gun to do so. Attorney Leo Tyrell said “shame on you” to Hannity for bringing up the Simpson case and defended Costas’ social commentary. He said he doesn’t want to take away anyone’s Second Amendment right, but he would like to see more restrictions on guns.

Hannity responded, “There’s a dirty little secret in the NFL and that is that prior to many games, a lot of these players are lining up and they’re getting these powerful anti-inflammatories, […] because of the serious injuries they are sustaining on a regular basis.”

Attorney Erik Rush said it’s obvious that the Belcher investigation is in its infancy. “Whenever there’s a high profile gun crime, the fear mongering begins, the histrionics begin. And all of this stuff really has its genesis in the political left and particularly the big government political leftists who want to disarm the public.”

Tyrell jumped in, charging, “That is an absolute lie!”

Rush began to say, “It’s particularly irksome to me to see a black man come out for all of this gun control with specious arguments.” But Tyrell wasn’t having that argument, saying, “Don’t even use race here, because you are being used right now. […] You can go ahead and cut my mic off!”

Tyrell called Rush “an embarrassment,” to which Rush responded in all the commotion, “Why don’t you shut up, just please shut up!”