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Liberties Eroding (the Mayans Were Half Right!)

Mayan_people_and_chocolateSince today was supposed to be the end of the world or something like that I figured it would be fun to write a little something about this impending doom. However, if you are here reading it I guess the Mayans missed a few things and we all must go on living.

Unfortunately, I feel as though the Mayans were right just not about the end of the world. It was really about the end of personal liberty and responsibility. This holiday season has marked the end of the American way.

With all of the craziness and fighting going on in Washington I think it is important to keep track of what all is happening. Lets see what the end of liberty looks like. So we have one topic that has now been pushed to the forefront in our nations capitol. That is rifles and other firearms.

I have made a very conscious effort to stay away from all of the reports coming out about the Connecticut school shooting. My heart breaks for those children and the family dealing with such a profound loss this close to the holidays. However, what is taking place now is a very dangerous power grab and one that will unfortunately bear little positive results.

The idea that you can take away “assault weapons” and this is somehow going to keep this from happening again is just a pipe dream. America is not the only country that deals with these monsters; last year Anders Breivik killed seventy-seven people in Norway using one rifle and one handgun. The firearms laws in Norway are certainly more restrictive than here in the United States and yet these things still happen.

The same day as the Sandy Hook shooting there was a mass killing in China as well. The assailant reportedly used a knife to carry out this crime. The point is, no matter what these terrible things will continue to happen.

But nonetheless, in a few short months you will see our government shred the second amendment in order to make people feel “safe.” Since there is so much talk about what the founding fathers meant , I thought I would let Benjamin Franklin sum up this issue, “Any people that would give up liberty for a little temporary safety deserves neither liberty nor safety.”

Most people who are for these new bans prohibiting assault rifles and other firearm accessories have little to no experience with these weapons at all. Barack Obama tells us that these are battlefield weapons and they do not belong in the hands of civilians. I challenge our president to explain why they are battlefield weapons or to explain why he feels that we have no regulations on firearms.

I personally own one of these evil assault weapons and although it may bear a resemblance to the standard issue rifle of the military it is most certainly different in many ways. It is different due to the laws and restrictions put in place by the federal government. These laws exist to ensure the real weapons of war do not end up on our streets, so my question becomes how can the president refer to them as such?

The second argument that is made by liberals and those who seek to restrict firearms further is that no one has a need for these weapons. But my response is simply: why does the government get to decide what I need? Rifles such as the AR-15 or AK-47 are mechanically no different than a semi-automatic handgun or hunting rifle. They may look a little scarier, sure, but isn’t the left always pontificating about how we cannot judge books by their cover?

If no one needs an assault rifle, then does anyone really need a high-end sports car or motorcycle? Both of which kill more people every year than firearms. To date, in my home state of Tennessee 979 people have been killed on the roads and highways this year. These vehicles are not necessary. I mean who needs a car or bike that goes 200 miles per hour?

We could go on and on with things that are unnecessary. Cellphones are unnecessary and they kill thousands each year due to irresponsible use. Why aren’t we crying out for a cellphone ban every time a teenager kills a family by texting and driving?

In short, Ben Franklin had it right. If we continue to allow the government to strip our rights away in the name of safety, eventually we will have neither and it will be our entire fault.

Image: A possible Mayan chief forbids a person to touch a can of chocolate; author Mayan civilization; public domain/copyright expired

Mark Mayberry

Mark Mayberry lives in Tennessee and is pursuing a Law Degree. He hopes to work in politics and law after graduating. He is also a staff writer at and is the operator of Mark is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys spending time hunting and fishing as well as with his family. You can reach Mark on Facebook and Twitter as well as his website