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Mendacity: SOP for Today’s Vapid and Corrupt Political Class

by Nelson E. Sastoque

MP900400181 (1)Today’s self-serving individuals of the morally and spiritually bankrupt political class are repugnant and grotesque, from the current administration to individuals from both sides of the aisle. These individuals with brief “power” and perks believe they are “superior” to the people they “serve” and they also assume incorrectly that the public is too obtuse to make our own intelligent decisions.

WE believe in GOD, FREEDOM, ACCOUNTABILITY, the CONSTITUTION and RESPONSIBILITY. Since prayer was removed from schools and abortion was legalized by a Supreme Court that made a grave mistake our great country has been in decline. Marriage between a man and woman, the family and our core Judeo-Christian values that our founding fathers lived by have always been the bedrock of our nation.

Since we have strayed away from these values, many politicians have forgotten what “Servant Leadership” “Stewardship” and “Selflessness” means. These individuals have in turn become masters of mendacity, the art of untruthfulness, from our President to the majority of the members of Congress. Once upon a time we had great men and women that saw it as a true honor to serve the country and be good stewards and be morally correct and were actually people that could be looked upon as good examples for our children.

Instead, today we have individuals who think they are “above” the people they serve and not accountable to anyone, thus the mastery of mendacity and abuse of the POWER we bestow upon them. When is the last time you saw a politician answer a simple question directly without “dodging” or “head faking” their response. Their actions are blatantly selfish and geared towards self-fulfillment.

I have a simple solution to help prevent the Sandy Hooks of the future’s bankrupting our country, regulating our daily lives until they are miserable and caring more for bugs and fish than protecting the most innocent, the unborn. If someone is mentally ill, due to drug abuse or other substances, have them committed to a mental institution: the life you save may be your own and you will do your neighbors a great service.

Anyone that wants to spend more than what we bring in as a government should be summarily fired for fiscal negligence … period!

Human life is more precious than any fish, bird etc.

States know best what to regulate and what not to, so leave them alone and let them do it – that is why they are there.

So, remember those many of you who grew up in the 1950s or early 1960s, we indeed did get the “straight” scoop most of the time from our politicians and media (TV and Print). When we misbehaved or were belligerent we were disciplined (spanked) … guess what? we survived and were better for it, imagine that!

The only times we were mendacious was when we did things that we were not supposed to; we were not mendacious almost every time we spoke!

Merry Christmas!