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Michigan Right To Work Law vs. Organized Labor Stranglehold

By Kevin Fobbs
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

LandscapeThe war for the right to job freedom ran into an organized labor buzz saw, as union labor protesters assaulted pro Right to Work supporters in the state’s capitol, Lansing, Michigan. Union goons threatened supporters by attacks, tearing down tents, and attempting to break into state house chambers. Even after Michigan Governor Rick Snyder signed the legislation into law, the threats continued, this time against the governor through angry Twitter postings.

What does this mean for the state of Michigan and the other 26 remaining states, like Ohio, that could be next in wanting to create an atmosphere where workers have the right to turn down union thuggish threats? Is it going to be more of the same, where goon squads challenge the duly elected legislators who fight for the job rights of workers? Will governors be intimidated to support job creation over the herd mentality which union officials demand of their indentured workers and labor bought elected officials?

Understand this is unlike other states where legislators and union activists have engaged in loud and sometimes boisterous tugs of war over legislation that was considered anti-union, as was the case in Indiana or Wisconsin. In the case of Wisconsin, where unions fought against Governor Scott Walker over state worker collective bargaining rights being curbed, Michigan’s legislation is more critical.

After all, Michigan is the cradle of union organizing. It is where the auto industry was organized by the UAW and trucking by the Teamsters. This is where organized labor cut their battleground teeth. In this state of all states, the Right to Work gauntlet is a declaration of the right of organized labor forces to go to war!

In fact, it was President Obama who, on a Fiscal Cliff campaign stop to the Detroit area on Monday, December 10th, edged on the union rally with incendiary words which to rally participants sounded like pre-war talk:

These so-called ‘right-to-work’ laws, they don’t have anything to do with economics. They have everything to do with politics,” He then went on to add, “What they’re really talking about is they’re giving you the right to work for less money.” – President Obama

The next day, thousands of organized labor forces streamed in from all over the state as well as the nation to attempt to scare the legislators and supporters into submission. In fact, Democrat State Representative Douglas Geiss openly threatened violence from the floor of the Michigan House of Representatives, by warning, “There will be blood!”

This phrase has special and unique meaning to labor forces in Michigan, because Geiss was referring to the “Battle of the Overpass” at the Ford Rouge Plant on May 26, 1937. Union organizers, which included many women, were brutally attacked by Ford Motor Company security personnel on that day.

So, with the state’s long history with organized violence it is clear that President Obama should have simply stuck to his Fiscal Cliff notes and avoided stirring the worker freedom rights cauldron where he simple had no business in doing.

This is quite simply a civil war of the liberals and organized labor’s creation. The battle cry has already been sounded by one of their elected democrat leaders, “There will be blood!”

Workers in Michigan and across the country are preparing for the battle, because they have already sacrificed far too much, with loss of jobs, closing plants, and streamlined workforces due to union demands. They have seen their union dues abused by labor bosses for political purpose and candidates they do not support.

These same workers and their families have bore witness to local and state governments slashing public services and public safety in order to pay higher and higher public wages and benefit packages. Enough has finally become enough, and they are mad and simply are not going to take the abuse and raiding of public coffers, all because of a now meaningless union card.

Yes, there may be blood spilled onto the pavement of sidewalks all across Michigan and other states that dare to stand up against organized labor thugs, but it will not be from the workers who seek freedom. Rather, it will be the life force of the organized union movement that has its once relevant life blood ebbing out slowly onto the back pages of history, gone and soon to be forgotten.

Worker freedom and worker rights were born in a new cradle of democracy and it is indeed on the march.

Obama, who obliviously claimed, “’right-to-work’ laws, they don’t have anything to do with economics,” will soon understand the meaning of the economics of workers who are prepared to stand up for their family’s survival.

The days of Michigan union, domination and threats is ending at the doorstep of Michigan’s Governor Rick Snyder. Rise up, workers, the time of workers having to kiss the feet of organized labor in Michigan has been terminated!

Image: Labor:Strike:Ford Motor Company:men in physical altercation; current location: National Archives and Records Administration; Franklin D. Roosevelt Library (NLFDR), 4079 Albany Post Road, Hyde Park, NY, 12538-1999; public domain