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Preparing for Worst Case Scenario: Free Base Jumping off the Fiscal Cliff

Hearing about the fiscal cliff is getting old very quick.  Do you really think the Marxist in the White House will actually accomplish anything positive during the next four years?  Do you really think Boehner and the establishment is capable of striking a deal that would benefit the taxpayers in any significant way?   Watching Barry and the crew is becoming laughable in a sick way.  We need to hang onto our seats for an interesting ride during Obama’s next term in the White House.  

In the meantime, those that understand the direction we are heading might start planning for what could become the worst possible scenario.  Inflation, hyper-inflation, more businesses closed than are open, all energy costs sky rocketing will give us a nation that we have never seen before.  It is not here yet, but I certainly cannot imagine this house of cards standing much longer. 

Many have started preparations for this possibility and the costs for creating a safety net are not as bad as one would imagine if done over time. 

Food is a necessity for survival!  There are many online sites that offer packages and I have even seen where Wal-Mart is getting in on the action with a survival food product line.  I have personally purchased all supplies separately.  Dried grains such as oatmeal, flour, cornmeal, beans and rice have a long storage life.  Canned vegetables, fruit, beef, fish, spam should also be included in food storage.  If you buy what you would normally purchase at the store, rotation is recommend so you maintain a reasonable expiration date. Peanut butter is also a food product that is high in protein and has an approximate two year storage life.  Unless you like a bland diet sugar, salt, pepper and spices also need to be on your list.  Water storage is also vital.  Containers from 1 gallon to 55 gallon barrels can be purchased.

Hopefully we will never see a prolonged period where all the food stored will run out.  If this should happen, it is always a good idea to have non-hybrid seeds to plant.  The vegetables seeds from a non-hybrid product can be dried and reused generation after generation.  Since we are into gardening, I must add it is also a good idea to have reusable Ball Jars for canning and preserving the food.  

Being the hardcore carnivore that I am, fishing poles and a good gun to hunt with should also be on your list to purchase.  If it should ever become this bad, guns and more guns with plenty of ammunition will be desirable for protection.  On the personal side, I am looking at a cross-bow to add to my collection in the near future.  Silence is deadly.

Power through electricity or fossil fuel would be advantageous to heat, cool and provide transportation.  Fuel can be stored for a considerable amount of time before degradation occurs.  When storing for a prolonged period an additive can be mixed into the fuel to extend its life.  Not only will fossil fuels be needed for transportation but possibly to heat your home and your food.  

There are many types of heaters and camping stoves on the market that require propane or kerosene.  If you are fortunate enough to have a fireplace in your home, that can serve both purposes.  Just remember that you will need fuel cut and stored for the fire also.  On an all-out power failure, I will use the fireplace with a gasoline powered back-up generator to supply the house with a generous amount of electricity.  The generator is hooked directly into the electrical box.  When doing this you should consider having a professional make the line connection.

Medical supplies along with multi-vitamins and personal hygiene products should also be examined.  The basics such as band-aides, gauze, antibacterial ointment, aspirin and acetaminophen, rubbing alcohol and cleansing solutions for scrapes and cuts are suggested.  A suture kit can be purchased online for a possible bad accident.  Personal hygiene is always important to maintain a healthy life so don’t forget to have extra soap, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo and toilet paper on hand.  Prescription medicine is a concern that I have been battling.  If there would be any way possible to have a six month minimum on hand, that purchase could be a life saver.  Unfortunately, most scripts are usually written for a maximum of three months at a given time.

Other items to consider would be straight line communication system such as a two way radio.  Games to play and books to read and don’t forget the most important book you have, the Bible.  During this time your Faith in God may be tested.  Stay Strong!  You can’t forget the matches, candles and flashlights.  A good supply of batteries and several car batteries with charger and inverters will come in handy.  This list could go on and on.

Ten years ago, if I would have heard someone talking about survival preparation other than getting through a bad snow storm, I would have thought the individual was crazy.  Of course, if someone ten years ago would have told me that we were going to have a Muslim Marxist for the President of the United States, I would have thought that was crazy also.

By no means is this meant to be a complete list but it should be a good start.   Your preparedness can be your parachute for a free base jump off the fiscal cliff.

Image: Perrine Bridge BASE Jumping; author Chris McNaught from Twin Falls, Idaho; Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license

David Hiatt

David Hiatt sees a good part of America driving his truck across it, mostly from Indiana down to the bottom of Texas. He is a passionate Christian Constitutional Conservative that is concerned about the direction this Great Nation is heading.