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Questions For The Anti-Gun Lunatic Left Regarding The Sandy Hook Massacre

Screen Shot 2012-12-17 at 10.49.33 AMDid you know that the shooter had an altercation with school staff when he tried to enter the school the day before the shooting?

Doesn’t Connecticut already have some of the strictest gun laws?

Wasn’t this school a gun-free-zone?

Under Connecticut law, would any teacher or staff members have the right to arm themselves to protect their students, instead of just throwing their bodies at the bullets?

By outlawing their right to bear arms, weren’t they and their students set up like clay pigeons in a shooting gallery waiting for any nut case with a gun to walk in and start shooting without any fear of someone being armed?

Wouldn’t a shooter choose ‘gun-free-zone’ as a target since there would be no armed resistance?

Does the president have armed guards to protect his family?

Are other officials protected by armed guards?

Are our children not as valuable as our politicians?

Do armed US Marshalls provide protection to passengers who are children on airplanes? Could trained professionals like police carry guns safely near children without incident?

Isn’t school safety as important for children as airplane safety?

Aren’t the real criminals the liberal politicians who have dismantled the laws that keep violent mental cases off the street where they can get help?