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News Clash

Shameful: Pope Benedict XVI joins Twitter, vile hate starts before his first tweet

Ugh. Sadly and predictably, the hate starts.

Chuck Todd @chucktodd

Memo to self: tweeting about the Pope invites even nastier replies. #twitter

um diddly idle @umdiddly

Hey Pope, maybe you can start by apologising to everyone.

Roseanne Barr, of course, joins in the hate.

Roseanne Barr @TheRealRoseanne

the pope is just another man in a dress telling women what to do.

And others follow vile suit.

Cody Phillips @CodyPhillipsss

Hahaha The Pope Has Twitter Accounts Now Let’s Hit This Bitch Up With Some Hate Tweets.

Tom Freeman @SnoozeInBrief

The Pope will fit right in on Twitter. We too have no idea how to responsibly handle allegations of paedophilia.

Josh Guðmundsdóttir @hxxxwl

Hey @Pontifex hahaha fuck off pope go back to middle ages n take ur backwards mind set w/ u

jon donofrio @HiYourJon

OMG I can’t wait to fuck with the Pope

@dismalplaces he also grew up in Nazi Germany, but STILL thinks its fine to refer to LGBTQ* people as less than human

Joe Shepherd @dismalplaces

@damiancoyle After having had The Smiling Pope and the cuddly-looking John Paul II, they had to go for a Pope who was an unmitigated bastard

Paul @PaulMunby

The pope can fuck right off


Today is fuck the Pope day… he just a man..take his robe off and he aint shit.


The Pope on Twitter….fuck off. #catholicchurch

Fergus Macdougall @Feeergusss

Fuck the pope

Merel L’s Mandrake @PrinceQue5t

I don’t fuck with the pope kuz the last couple of them liked to fuck with boys

Dirty Penny @naughty_touch

@CNN: Pope to open a personal Twitter account.” how many DM cock pic requests before his gets shut down?

Manuel Meschiari @manukalel

The pope is on Twitter! Yay now I can let him know how much I hate him!

3 Dec 12