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The meaning of Christmas

779px-The_First_ChristmasChristmas means everything really.  It means fallen man was visited in person by the Glorious God. Christmas means there is hope in a hopeless situation because God is love.  Christmas is that unique, miraculous place were the lowest of the low meet the Most High, face-to-face.
Christmas means God came to earth to save sinful man, the only way we could be saved.  It means the love of God can reside in human hearts every day because the Father was willing to sacrifice his most precious One.  The Loved One died so that love could survive. When we were dead, he came to give life.
Christmas means God became a man.  He came to those he created and we rejected Him.  It means he loved even though we spit in his face.  Christmas means divine love wins over cruel hate, every time.   It means the poor, the wounded, the rejected and the abused get the biggest mansions in heaven. Christmas redefines all the terms according to God’s dictionary: the meek inherit the earth, the weak become most strong, the insulted are exalted.
Christmas means the worst sinner on earth can repent of his sin with his dying breath, and still be saved.  That is Grace.  It means Wise Men still seek Him.  It means eternity and paradise are available to the child-like, the ones humble enough to recognize their need, and wise enough to ask for His help.
Christmas means Jesus the Son of God, the great artist of the universe, the eternally existent One, was born a helpless baby, born in a stall with a dirt floor.  It means the King of the Universe was willing to humble himself not only to a birth in the most humble place, but also to agonizing death on that terrible Cross.
Christmas means we can live forever because He loved us so much, he left his throne in heaven, entered the world as a baby, grew up among us, made all things new, then returned home, bearing his wounds and our burdens forever.
The joy of Christmas comes from knowing you are forgiven in Christ, cleansed of all unrighteousness, set free from sin, guilt and death, and made a member of the family, forever.  Eternal security is yours thanks to the Christmas Child, the greatest gift.
Christmas means all that was meant for evil is being turned to good, once and for all, forever, Amen.
Christmas means you have nothing to fear: it means your past does not matter, the present is fabulous, and the future will be even better.
Christmas means God gave us the ultimate good news, and we therefore have a love obligation to share it to the ends of the earth.

Image: “The Harmsworth Monthly Pictorial Magazine” Volume 1 1898-9, Harmsworth Bros., Limited, London.The First Christmas, H.J. Sinkel; license: CC BY 2.0; flickr; author:Sue Clark; public domain

Allan Erickson

Allan Erickson---Christian, husband, father, journalist, businessman, screenwriter, and author of The Cross & the Constitution in the Age of Incoherence, Tate Publishing, 2012.