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BUSTED…California Mosque HATES Jews!

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Lauren Booth spoke at the Ar-Raham Mosque in Fontana, CA, 7/20/2012, and spewed so much hatred no one would believe it if it wasn’t on film – Nobody from the Mosque was the least bit fazed or embarrassed.

Lauren Booth’s hate speech lies were spread out among the Jews, Israelis, Americans, Christians, and Zionists. The Muslim Americans at the Mosque loved the message. Watch the video and come to your own conclusions.

The United West exposes what many Islamists say, inside their Mosques, when they think no one is watching. We do it by walking in the front door. We are always polite and respectful of our hosts while attending open to the public events – like this one.

Prime Minister Tony Blair’s sister in law, Lauren Booth, exposes her hatred of Israel, Jews, and Christians.

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