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Casey Anthony: Most Hated Mom in the World is Hanging Out at the Beach.

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  • Never before seen pictures of the ‘most hated mom in America’ are first in more than a year
  • Anthony spoke out to say filing for bankruptcy is the next step towards closure for me’ 
  • 26-year-old now believed to be living near Cape Canaveral, Florida
  • Her lawyer says she’s a ‘virtual prisoner’ and ‘she can’t even work at McDonald’s because people would be looking at her instead of the menu’

In a candid photograph Casey Anthony relaxes on a Florida beach as she soaks up the sun and chills out by reading a book.

In another, the beaming 26-year-old stands with the legal team that successfully defended her from charges she murdered her three-year-old daughter, Caylee.

The never before seen pictures of the ‘most hated mom in America’ – the first of her in more than a year – come as Anthony breaks her silence to reveal she is seeking ‘closure’ on ‘these things holding me back’.

Anthony, who has been in hiding since the trial, spoke out to explain why she had filed for bankruptcy with debts of close to $1m.

‘This is the next step towards closure for me’, she said in her first public comments since leaving prison – made in an interview with on Friday evening.

Anthony said she wanted to move on with her life but was being held back by a possible defamation trial brought by Zenaida Gonzalez.

During the massive search for her missing daughter Anthony had told police a nanny called Gonzalez had taken her.
She later revealed during her trial that she knew all along Caylee was dead with the youngster having drowned in the family’s pool at their home in Orlando, Florida.

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