Citizen Patriots at Miami Gun Show, Peacefully Exercising Freedom

get-attachmentBy: Nelson E. Sastoque
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

There are millions of God loving Americans that CHERISH this great country and believe in the Constitution and what it stands for. As a U.S. Navy veteran I count myself as one of those; and having served under the greatest Commander in Chief in modern times, President Ronald Reagan, it was indeed a privilege and an honor.

Here is a snapshot of the author with two proud Americans that believe wholeheartedly in the second amendment. This picture is from the Florida Gun Show held this past weekend in Miami at the Miami Youth Fair grounds, located adjacent to Florida International University in Southwest Miami. The attendance record for the weekend was “shattered” and everyone there was tranquil and civil.

Now I asked myself why there were none of the Liberal local media outlets (ABC, NBC, CBS) there to report and show that thousands of patriots were exercising their FREEDOM peacefully. Well, my guess is that it does not fit their pathetic narrative of our being “extreme”, as Chuck Schumer so obtusely said just the other day.

Well, Mr. Obama, you and your ilk (like Schumer, Holder and Biden) remember this … FREEDOM will not be denied and will always triumph over despotism.

Loving Life!!

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