FrackNation Exposes Russian Covert Influence

Published on January 25, 2013

450px-Stop_Frack_AttackBy Kerry Patton
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

I live in a region causing international uproar due to the natural gas industry. I am not qualified to discuss natural gas or the means to pull such natural resource out of the ground known as “fracking.” I am qualified however to discuss two points which I firmly believe need in-depth conversations — Russia’s covert influence and its cause and effect on a small rural town in north east Pennsylvania.

I recently watched two natural gas documentaries which were partially filmed in the region where I reside. I have seen Gasland and now FrackNation. I have heard both sides of the debate about “fracking” far beyond these two documentaries and am confident no one out of Hollywood will ever be able to persuade my own thoughts on the subject.

Unfortunately, many out of Hollywood seem to unknowingly support and assist in the spreading of a Russian covert influence meme — including Josh Fox, the director of Gasland, and Matt Damon who stars in Promised Land. I don’t know what it will take to have such individuals wake up but what I do know is their voices are loud and annoying.

FrackNation did something many media commentators have overlooked. Most viewers have also overlooked something very unique found in FrackNation. It is something that can be read about in a book titled Willing Accomplices — Russian Covert Influence Inside the United States.

Russia is a world leader in natural gas productivity. Many residents throughout Europe depend on Russia’s natural gas industry. Russia would hate to see their old Cold War rival become a natural gas competitor on the global market.

One thing I learned long ago is how Russia utilizes academia, media, and celebrities to serve as their social conditioning salespersons. Russia is the maven sparking the meme and the three groups of individuals previously noted serve as the salespersons. Who better to use to socially condition the masses then academia, media, and celebrities?

America has been infiltrated by foreign agents on numerous occasions. The German communist party came to America and fulfilled unprecedented amounts of social conditioning on our people. In many ways, they never left the United States and never stopped their activities.

Truth is, it never really started with just the Germans; rather multiple international players who embrace communism and socialism. Look at what many Islamists aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood have done inside the United States. Look at what that not-so-hot Russian spy Anna Chapman and her colleagues were attempting to do only a few years ago inside the United States. Their activities were all in the name of progressive political correctness via covert influence.

800px-Matt-Damon-Hollywood-StarRussian covert influence is interesting because in many ways, they no longer need clandestine agents inside the United States to fulfill their mission. They already have hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Americans doing the job for them. Matt Damon, Josh Fox, Yoko Ono, Sean Lennon, and Susan Sarandon are just a few who recently traveled up to northeast Pennsylvania pitching their untruths in an attempt to, unknowingly or knowingly, support Russia’s quest to serve as the world’s natural gas exporter.

Thankfully, the majority in my community know exactly what is going on within the natural gas industry. That majority supports the initiative to have US natural resource dependency versus the crisis of ongoing international strife. We also realize the hidden agenda taking place out of Hollywood. And some of us are quickly learning how Russian covert influence is trickling into our homes. Thankfully, we are armed, educated, and have the intestinal fortitude to speak out.

FrackNation did an exceptional job supporting the truths. Not only did it counter Josh Fox and his Russian-meme-spreading colleagues, it exposed how a small rural town in north east Pennsylvania has potentially become the epicenter in today’s second Cold War between the United States and Russia. FrackNation exposed Russia’s covert influence here inside the United States and much more.

Kerry Patton, a combat disabled veteran, is author of Contracted: America’s Secret Warriors.

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