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Hideous Video of High Schooler Joking About Raping a Teenager “Deader Than Trayvon Martin.”

Viewer Warning- Anonymous just leaked a 12-minute video of drunk Stuebenville high school athletes having a blast making fun of the 16-year-old girl who was raped by beloved football players Trent Mays and Ma’lik Richmond last August.

Be warned: the video is incredibly disturbing. You probably don’t want to watch it. The speaker — identified by misternunya, an independent journalist who posted the video, as Michael Nodianos — cracks himself up as he calls the girl “deader than” JFK, OJ’s wife, Caylee Anthony, and Trayvon Martin, amongst others.

“She is so raped,” he says. “Her puss is about as dry as the sun right now.”

At around 4:15, one of his friends says, “That’s not cool bro” and “That’s like rape. It is rape. They raped her.”
He starts cracking up and riffs on that too: “They raped her quicker than Mike Tyson!” and “they raped her more than the Duke lacrosse team!”

“What if that was your daughter?” one guy says. “But it isn’t,” he says.