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Illegal Aliens’ Drivers Licenses? C’mon, States …The Fed’s Are Doing It!

SONY DSCby S.C. Sherman
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

C’mon States — give illegal’s a driver’s license. They’re driving anyway seems to be the argument the ACLU is taking against my home state of Iowa. The Iowa Department of Transportation recently decided NOT to issue legal driver’s licenses to people who entered our country illegally. This shocking decision is coming under fire.

The argument sounds like a teenager arguing with a parent. We could even call our teenager, Julia, for no reason of course. Julia starts off like this: C’mon Mom, please give illegal’s a legal license, all the other states are doing it. This obvious attempt at peer pressure is often used by groups and teens lobbying for power. It’s the idea that other states are already heading this way and you better get in line with what’s going down. You don’t want to be the only one left behind, even if it violates something you believe in or that pesky thing called, The Law. It sounds so ridiculous and whiny it’s hard to believe it works, but it does. Many a state and teen has betrayed themselves with this simple manipulation.

Here’s another good one. Mom you don’t know anything, the Federal Government is doing it. This little gem is almost as dumb, but it is being employed. The idea that since the Federal Government has decided not to enforce the law, then the states shouldn’t either. The states should just shut up and go along, even if it goes against the state law. It’s based on the idea that the Fed’s know best, and those silly states better just listen up.

The Department of Homeland Security gave states the leeway to handle illegals with “Deferred Action” status as they see fit. Deferred Action status was Obama’s way around Federal law. Well, the Iowa DOT sees fit not to give illegal alien’s legal driver’s licenses because they are ILLEGAL, end of story, right? Nope.

You see, that isn’t what the liberals wanted. When you’re on the left and you don’t get what you want, what to do? It’s time for some good old fashioned bullying or maybe a tantrum. I thought they were against bullying? It’s like a school principal telling its students they won’t enforce laws anymore and teens can drink booze all day long at school. Then one of the teachers decides not to allow it in their classroom. That teacher decides they are in charge of their classroom and it’s illegal to give booze to teenagers. So they take a stand and say they don’t want to be a part of it. Then one of the parents gets a lawyer to force the teacher to break the law. Once again, that darn law keeps getting in the way. Laws really are troublesome.

It’s time to pull out the big kahuna. Mom, they’re doing it anyway so you might as well just let them do it in our house for safety sake. This is a beauty! Everyone knows these illegals are driving anyway so we might as well condone it and just give them a driver’s license for the public safety sake. This is so preposterous it’s laughable, but it is seriously an argument that’s being made. You have to simplify it to even understand the logic. Let’s keep it with our teenager. This is like Julia walking out on a Friday night with a case of beer under her arm.

“What are you doing honey?” her mom asks.

“Going to drive around with my friends and drink all this beer, OK?” Julia answers.

“Your father and I don’t think you should drink beer and drive around. It’s against the law, you know,” Julia’s mom contends.

“Duh Mom, everyone’s doing it. That law is so yesterday. You might as well just let me.”

“Alright then honey, if you’re going to do it anyway, and laws don’t matter, I guess that’s fine then. Don’t bother wearing your seat belt either and you should try going over a hundred miles per hour. It’s quite a rush.”

That story is obviously beyond reality. No parent, not even Julia’s, would act that way. However, that is exactly what is being pushed here. If illegal activity is going to happen anyway, we should either look the other way, just go along, or actually condone it. When a parent or a state decides to follow the law or their convictions and it goes contrary to what the lefties want, they turn into teens. Whining, complaining, and bullying are their favorite tactics when facts and laws stand in the way.

It’s definitely time for all of the parents and proud states of America to stand on the truth and back it up with the law. The teens can no longer be allowed to rule this house. For now, the illegal aliens of Iowa will have to walk. Unless of course they want to drive illegally … I guess they’re doing it anyway right!

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S.C. Sherman

S.C. Sherman grew up a farm kid in rural Iowa. He graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in Communications Studies. Steve is a business owner, and recently ran for Iowa State House of Representatives.. S.C. enjoys political commentary and great stories. He has written three fiction novels found at He currently lives with his wife and four children in North Liberty, Iowa.

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