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Obama’s First Term of Endangerment (pt 2)

800px-Barack_Obama__Joe_Biden_on_White_House_putting_green_4-24-09Hey Y’all… Hope ya had a safe and Merry Christmas and Santa brought everything ya asked for. I wrote about Obama’s first two years last session and in this column ya get the last two years of the Marxists regime and their ill wills placed on “We the People”. I hope ya’ll enjoy the read. Best wishes on the incoming New Year. Please be safe!

01/02/11 While on vacation in Hawaii, Obama signed a 6.2 billion dollar bill (9/11 First Responders Health care bill) that was fast tracked before Christmas break.
01/02/11 Golf at Luana Hills Country Club, Hawaii
01/10/11 Obama leads a moment of silence on the White House south lawn giving respect to the victims of the Tucson, Arizona shooting. Did the gun that did the shooting belong in a mental institution? Dr. Keith Ablow a psychiatrist stated,” Here’s the basic problem: The cracks in the mental health care system in America are not fissures; they are canyons.”
03/05/11 Golf at Andrews Air Force Base
03/12/11 Golf at Andrews Air Force Base
04/03/11 Golf at Andrews Air Force Base
03/28/11 Obama states, “We have a responsibility to act” and defends involvement in Libya.
04/04/11 Obama uses Al Gores invention, the internet, to launch his Presidential re-election campaign via e-mail. He said that the economy is a great concern and that would be the area in which he focuses. Just like this entire term, that is a joke. He needs to focus just a little harder.
04/09/11 Obama narrowly escapes a government shut-down. Good thing we have Cry Baby Boehner to save the day. Our representative cut a whopping 38.5 billion in spending.
04/10/11 Golf at Andrews Air Force Base
04/17/11 Golf at Andrews Air Force Base? Tornados killed today in six states and Obama is on the golf course.
04/23/11 Golf at Andrews Air Force Base
04/27/11 Due to pressure from birthers, Obama releases a counterfeit long form Birth Certificate that later would be found to only be good for wiping your……. windshields with.
04/30/11 Obama mocks Trump and other birthers about the prior incident on the 27th. I am not a birther but I believe they have an extremely significant point. I actually just wanted to beat Obama on the horrible job he is doing and not on the “birth issue”.
05/01/11 Obama announces his cousin, Osama Bin Laden’s death. He really hated his cousin and said he wouldn’t slam the football hailing the act a victory. Later we find out that Obama left the White House, flew into Pakistan and killed the cousin terrorist single handedly.
05/01/11 Golf at Andrews Air Force Base
05/05/11 After Obama killed his cousin, he went to lay a wreath at the site of the 9/11 victims.
05/07/11 Golf at Andrews Air Force Base. Election victory tour heads to the golf course.
05/15/11 Obama Golf at Andrews Air Force Base seventh weekend In a row.
05/21/11 Obama Golf at Andrews Air Force Base eighth weekend In a row.
05/29/11 wastes no time to visit Joplin, Missouri tornado site for a photo opportunity. The Joplin tornado landed around 6 p.m. on May 22.
05/30/11 Golf at Mount Belvoir
06/04/11 Golf at Andrews Air Force Base
06/12/11 Golf at Andrews Air Force Base
06/18/11 Golf at Andrews Air Force Base
06/25/11 Golf at Andrews Air Force Base
06/26/11 Golf at Mount Belvoir, 13 weeks in a row. Must be nice!
08/08/11 Obama urged Congress to pass the “America Job Act” that was supposed to “jolt an economy that has stalled.” I know , the economics superstar, will not fail us, however, we are still waiting for that JOLT!
08/09/11 Socialists are shocked and dismay that a Gallup tracking poll would share with the public that Obama’s approval ratings would actually drop below forty percent.
08/13/11 Golf at Andrews Air Force Base
08/19/11 Golf at Martha’s Vineyard
08/21/11 Golf at Vineyard Golf Club
08/23/11 Golf at Farm Neck Golf Club
08/24/11 Golf at Martha’s Vineyard
09/18/11 Golf at Andrews Air Force Base
09/24/11 Golf at Andrews Air Force Base
09/??/11 Sometime in September, I became aware of the uncovered story of Solyndra. Financial commitments actually began the first year of the crook’s first term.
10/08/11 Golf at Andrews Air Force Base
10/15/11 Golf at Andrews Air Force Base
10/23/11 Golf at Andrews Air Force Base
11/06/12 Golf at Fort Belvoir
11/14/11 Golf at Mamala Bay Golf Course
11/25/11 Obama plays golf for the 30th time this year at Andrews Air Force Base
12/24/11 Golf at Klipper Golf Course, Hawaii
12/26/11 Golf at Klipper Golf Course, Hawaii
12/28/11 Golf at Ko’olau Golf Club, Hawaii
12/30/11 Golf at Klipper Golf Course, Hawaii
12/31/11 Our Marxist in Chief that not only hates America but also despises our military, signs the “National Defense Authorization Act” while vacationing of course in Hawaii. April Fools Golf at Andrews Air Force Base. 04/07/12 Golf at Andrews Air Force Base
04/21/12 Golf at Andrews Air Force Base
04/29/12 Golf at Andrews Air Force Base
05/09/12 Knowing Barak Hussein Obama being the good Muslim that he is: on this date, he defies the biblical definition of marriage to be between man and woman. The following week Obama hosted a reception in honor of national Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Month at the White House.
05/12/12 Golf at Andrews Air Force Base
05/26/12 Golf at Andrews Air Force Base
06/09/12 Golf at Fort Belvoir
06/13/12 Hmmmm…..
06/17/12 Obama plays the 100th round of golf as President at Beverly Country Club in Chicago
06/24/12 Golf at Fort Belvoir
06/15/12 Obama uses an unconstitutional executive order to allow children of illegals to stay in America and become citizens. He says, he will “lift the shadow of deportation from these young people.” OK, I say let’s send mama and papa back to Mexico, educate their children and introduce them to the Constitution and the Military. Is anyone seeing how is cornering the gay and illegal vote?
06/28/12 The Supreme Court upheld President Obama’s socialist health care mandate thanks to the traitor, Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts. So now he has not only illegals and gays in his voting block but those that want working citizens to pay for their healthcare. Get a fricken job! Oh yeah,, your waiting for Obama to turn the economy around. Don’t hold your breath!
07/15/12 Golf at Fort Belvoir
07/29/12 Golf at Fort Belvoir
08/04/12 Golf at Andrews Air Force Base, Obama’s 51st Birthday.
09/05/12 Obama delivers a speech full of untruths that Obamaroids suck-up to at the Democrat/Marxist National Convention. He said he understands that his economic policies really weren’t that great in his first term but with a few trillion more in his second term he could revive America… Now I don’t care who ya are but that is funny.
09/14/12 Obama honors the victims of Benghazi including U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens that were murdered due to incompetence as a “Coward in Chief”. Hopefully this crisis doesn’t play out like “Fast and Furious”. This Congress will probably allow the tragedy to be swept under the rug as they did the Mexico gun running operation.
10/30/12 Obama meets with Progressive (Krispee Kream) Chris Christie, Governor of New Jersey for a photo op.
11/06/12 Wins re-election as president of the United States beating Republican challenger and former governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney. Obama held one of the most hateful and deceptive elections in history. Obama supporters will soon recognize he is not their friend.
11/10/12 Golf at Andrews Air Force Base
11/23/12 Golf at Andrews Air Force Base
12/02/12 Golf at Andrews Air Force Base
12/08/12 Golf at Andrews Air Force Base

12/19/12 is recognized as “Time” magazines person of the year for the second time. This magazine is recognized as one good for using if stuck in the woods and nothing to wipe with other than their yellow journalism paper similar to the Pulitzer Peace Prize.
12/19/12 Obama calls for new proposals for gun control In wake of Newtown Massacre. No news here. Obama is the “World’s Greatest Gun Salesman”. Only WUSSIES are afraid of guns and only the ignorant don’t understand statistics! He is both a WUSS and a dumb one at that!
12/22/12 Golf at Klipper Golf Course, Hawaii
12/24/12 Golf at Klipper Golf Course, Hawaii

Once again, I have just given a few dates that I find interesting and there could be many more. The American people have a real dilemma on their hands that can be persuaded but not changed. Your involvement will encourage a possible change in the Right direction. You must voice your opinion with knowledge. I encourage all to stay familiar with the local, state and national news. You must learn how to decipher the lies from the truth in order to be comfortable in the next four years.

We will be looking at increased prices at the pumps, grocery store and doctor offices. I hope those that voted for Obama enjoy the tax increases… I believe there will be a 3.8 increase for bambicare and our overall federal tax increase should be significant also. Hey, what do I know? It is not my job or profession but I do take it upon myself to stay informed. I listen to a minimum of 7 hours of Conservative Talk Radio and read Conservative News for approximately one hour per day.

The next term for Obamarxist should be just wonderful.. He wil make an attempt to regulate firearms and ammunition. We are already seeing his attempt. I think he will put a tax on tobacco and alcohol. Michelle O. will more than likely put a fat tax on twinkies.. that won’t work … Little Debbies maybe? Snikerz and M n Ms.. No sweet eater here but why, other than control, would one want to put limitations on sugar and fat intakes? I guess it is because they have control on the health market and bad eating habits generate higher health care costs. Now they control your life. If you think I am kidding, just wait. I look forward to the next four years because I have common sense. Do You?

May you all have a prosperous New Year and many more to come.

Image: President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden practice their putting on the White House putting green April 24, 2009; courtesy of: P042409PS-0122; author: Pete Souza for The Official White House Photostream; Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license

David Hiatt

David Hiatt sees a good part of America driving his truck across it, mostly from Indiana down to the bottom of Texas. He is a passionate Christian Constitutional Conservative that is concerned about the direction this Great Nation is heading.