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Re: Hobby Lobby — To the Mattresses!

468px-Foster_Bible_Pictures_0011-1This is war. We’ve had a “War on everything else” and now comes the War on Christianity. It’s actually been going on for awhile now, subtle and slow. Well, the fight is increasing in intensity. It’s getting much harder to ignore it. Our Federal government is now forcing Christian companies to choose. Who do you serve?

The Green family are the sole owners of Hobby Lobby, and they have made a bold choice. They’ve decided this is a good hill to die on. They will not go quietly into the night and they will not bend a knee to our Faux-President and his minions.

The front lines in this battle are clearly delineated as the HHS Mandate went into effect on January 1, 2013. The owners of Hobby Lobby are Christians. Apparently, they’re the kind of Christians who take it seriously all week long. I don’t know them, but I sure do admire them. These heroes are putting their faith to the test and it could cost them everything. Seriously, everything, as Hobby Lobby will be fined roughly $1.3 Million per day for defying the Feds. So while we were all enjoying the holiday off from work, and watching some College Football, the Green’s and their business just lost $1.3 Million. Well they didn’t lose it … our government is going to take it from them.

Why? Why would our benevolent Government do such a thing to a fine, thriving, American business? Faith in God of course is their problem. It’s obvious that if you believe in anything other than the State, you are a threat to be conquered. The Green’s believe the HHS Mandate that will force them to provide at no cost contraception, including abortion, is unacceptable. They’ve decided paying for something that will kill a baby and evict it from its warm, cuddly womb goes against their beliefs. This has become their line in the sand for one reason. They fear God more than they fear our king, I mean president. They rightly realize that they will eventually stand before their Creator and answer for their deeds.

This is a big one, too, blood on your hands kind of thing. Not something trivial like when you were a kid and you ate a candy bar in the store and didn’t pay for it. I know sin is sin, but this is rubber meets the road right here folks. Will we take part in slaughtering innocent babies or not? The Green’s have decided they will not, and it’s gonna hurt. Around $40 Million in January and every month thereafter until the case makes its way to the Supreme Court.

We already know how King O’s appointee Justice Sotomayor feels about it. She just denied Hobby Lobby’s request at an injunction. Big surprise, Obama appointee’s detest the life of little unborn babies and companies that don’t want to pay to have them killed.

In the Hobby Lobby mission statement it says this, “Honor the Lord in all we do…” Well I find it refreshing that the owners actually mean it. So many Christians say one thing and mean another that it’s actually hurt their reputation. Not so this time.

Time to gird up and read Ephesians 6 a few times, maybe go to Hobby Lobby and buy some stuff. Hey most of it is 50, 60, or 70% off all the time. Oh yeah, but don’t go on Sunday, they aren’t open, with it being a day to honor the Lord and all. Sure, they could make enough millions to pay their coming legal bills by being open on Sunday, but that pesky Bible comes ahead of their desire for profit. Who knew people actually believed that stuff? I thought all big businesses were evil, greedy, SOB’s? I guess Hobby Lobby and the Green’s aren’t particularly greedy. Their faith comes ahead of profits. Strange, huh?

Aren’t we still in some kind of recession? Aren’t jobs a pretty big deal right now? Hobby Lobby has thousands of employees who like their jobs. I mean who wouldn’t like to work at a Hobby Lobby, it smells like that dried flower stuff in there, potpourri, or something like that. Plus you always get Sunday off. Thanks to our beloved leader’s on high mandate that all of us partake in the slaughter of babies, this great company is forced to put their money where their Bible is. That puts all of those jobs at great risk. Thanks Big Government, I knew we could trust you to take care of us.

800px-HobbyLobbyStowOhioThis type of assault upon people of faith is just getting warmed up. Christians will be forced to choose more and more in the coming days, months, and years. Choose what? Choose to stand for something or not. No matter what happens to Hobby Lobby, the Green family are heroes for the Lord and examples to us all. They deserve our help by buying from their store, and our prayers for a favorable outcome in their war against the very Government that is meant to protect us. A Government intent on the mass slaughter of its own people; the genocide is underway.

No we don’t have any smoking furnaces or concentration camps, but we have untold millions of dead. Some people just like to call the dead a bunch of cells or a fetus, but they’re dead humans either way. It’s more palatable to call them something else. How about an inconvenience or accident? Oops! This blood is on our Nation. It’s one thing to force us to watch others commit this murder; it’s another when you ask us to become complicit in the act.

The Green’s have made their choice. They will not submit to this. They have entered the arena, the lions have been released. We can all watch in horror or realize that it’s only a matter of time until they come for us. Grab your sword and jump into the arena. Speak up, before it’s too late. Honoring the Lord can right this Nation faster than any politician.

However, it’s going to get a little messy in the process. Braveheart-battle-scene kind of messy. So all you sweet, peace-loving Christians, you better go read some “Old Testament”. Don’t worry, you won’t have to go looking for the fight; it’s coming to all of us. It always does. Even if you think I’m overreacting with all my talk of swords and blood, you can help a brother out. Help storm the walls and defy tyranny, go buy something nice from Hobby Lobby!

Image: Daniel in the Lion’s Den; Bible Pictures with brief descriptions by Charles Foster, published in 1897, Philadelphia, PA; public domain/ copyright expired

Lower Image: Hobby Lobby store in Stow, Ohio; author: DangApricot; Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license

S.C. Sherman

S.C. Sherman grew up a farm kid in rural Iowa. He graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in Communications Studies. Steve is a business owner, and recently ran for Iowa State House of Representatives.. S.C. enjoys political commentary and great stories. He has written three fiction novels found at He currently lives with his wife and four children in North Liberty, Iowa.