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Te’o & BHO: Let’s Ask Obama About His Made-Up Girlfriends

Screen Shot 2013-01-18 at 9.12.05 AMIn the last 24 hours, the media have scrutinized Notre Dame All-American linebacker Manti Te’o’s life more completely than they did President Barack Obama’s in the last eight years.  And that is shameful — on both counts.

The crux of the Te’o story, of course, is whether Te’o conspired to fabricate his seemingly tragic relationship with imaginary girlfriend Lennay Kekua or whether he is a victim of a cruel hoax.

Much is at stake — or so we are told.  If Te’o proves to be a willing participant in a hoax, NFL scouts will question his character and downgrade his stock in the upcoming NFL draft.  For those who care, Deadspin has some excellent reporting on this story — better reporting, in fact, than anyone in the major media has done on that other Hawaiian fabricator of girlfriends, Barack Obama.