Brennan: Confirming A Chink In Our Armor

Written by Audrey Russo on February 13, 2013

John_Brennan_official_portrait“You can’t talk of the dangers of snake poisoning and not mention snakes.” ~C. Everett Koop 

We’re about to have a new CIA Director. Up on the confirmation block: John Brennan. He’s currently Obama’s chief counter-terrorism adviser, the Drone Czar … of Obama’s killer Drone program. 

Now, this is the administration that’s vehemently against enhanced interrogation techniques (which it considers harsh, yet has provided critical info on terrorists) … but has NO problem blowing up terrorists and killing innocent civilians in the process. And those civilians include children.

Some totals for Drone attacks in Pakistan from 2009-2011: 
2009 – 122 civilian deaths, including 39 children 
2010 – 214 civilian deaths, including 20 children
2011 – 137 civilian deaths, including 11 children

For Pakistan alone (excluding Yemen and Somalia), from 2009-2011, a total 473 civilians were killed by these strikes, including 70 children.  I included the total of children killed because, after all … with Libs: It’s all about the children!
The drone vs. enhanced interrogation is not the only problem…

Brennan has many more troubling issues not widely known. According to a former colleague in the FBI, when Brennan was stationed in Saudi Arabia, he converted to Islam. Problem? For me, yes, due to the ideology. But for a PC-infested government, no.

So, why is Brennan in the closet about his Muslim faith? (I could ask the same question of Grover Norquist, but that’s for another article.) Isn’t Brennan proud of his new “faith”? His boss has an affinity for it, so what’s the problem?

To further confirm Brennan’s covert love for his new ideology, I watched him in a video clip speaking to a Muslim audience at the White House, and here’s the clip for your perusal: 

Quite noticeable in the video of Brennan speaking Arabic to a Muslim audience was his change in demeanor when he touched his heart saying “Inshallah” translated Allah willing… 

Then I viewed a clip of an interview of Brennan by my friend Jim Robbins of the Washington Times: v=XRqecTQbR5g 

It’s clear that there is a serious and surreptitious problem with Brennan. Is he a Muslim hiding his identity from his infidel audience, using the doctrine of Taqiyya (lying to infidels for the sake of Islam)? His emotional response in taking umbrage for a completely legit question from Jim Robbins, is disturbing at least. Why did he refuse to answer? Did the question expose his paltering? Does he now don the thin-skinned veneer of terror-linked miscreants like CAIR, when you get too close to the facts?

If our leaders confirm Brennan for this critical national security position, they will have blood on their hands of whatever emanates from a man who fawns over a perverse ideology. A man, who conceals that he’s a follower of the “faith” that is responsible for some of the most heinous crimes against humanity in the last 1,400 years (remember … Hitler also had an affinity for Islam).

Confirming a chink in our armor is insidious. Here’s hoping our representatives will not, in ignorance, allow these red flags to pass and eventually merge into a sea of innocent American blood. And make no mistake: If the Senate says “yay”… they will be accomplices to whatever his deeds may be.

Shalom through strength…

Image: Official portrait of John O. Brennan; source:
sites/default/files/imagecache/blog_author_medium/brennan_01.jpg; author White House; public domain

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