Girls, Help Us Ban Those Scary Guns!!

Published on February 6, 2013

MH900414035By Teri O’Brien
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

Isn’t it amazing how whenever something really horrible happens, liberals ride to the rescue, with these really terrific plans, guaranteed to solve the problem? Sure, their “solutions” never work, and in fact, when applied to most human problems, they make things worse. At least, though, they are always ready. Also always wrong, and never in doubt. When trouble strikes, the Left is there to throw society a life preserver. Unfortunately, they are actually throwing us an anchor.

The well-practiced apparatchiks of the Church of the Left know that their schemes don’t solve problems, and they know that if people find out what they want to do, there will be very few takers. They realize that for them to have any chance of selling us their life preservers, we have to be like shipwreck victims, frantically splashing and gasping for air in freezing ocean water, not like cautious consumers, comfortably standing in the marina, calmly deciding which inflatable safety device we want to buy.

Truth, transparency and appeals to logic are poor salesmanship for the Left. Obfuscation, outright deceit and appeals to fear are their keys to success. That’s what Rahm Emanuel meant when he made that infamous, and oft repeated, “never let a crisis go to waste” comment. We often forget the second part of that statement; that is, “what I mean by that is it’s an opportunity to do things you couldn’t do before.” The Tiny Dancer was surprisingly honest, and his honesty should terrify freedom-loving Americans. He’s advocating that cynical political operatives, a subject that he knows first-hand, exploit fear to foist schemes on the public that we wouldn’t accept if we were evaluating their plans logically, rather than desperately grasping for any “solution,” no matter how obviously ridiculous it would seem if we were thinking straight.

So here came Newtown, and predictably, the democrats gleefully whipped out the proposed gun banning legislation that had been sitting in a drawer, waiting for a moment like this one, and with it, all the scientific evidence that proves that they are absolutely correct, and that their policies must be enacted immediately.

You know that liberals are all about science, right? That’s something they often use to mock their mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging opponents otherwise known as Christians. I direct your attention to the Dow Breast Implant case, and the East Anglia climate change e-mail scandal, and say if there’s any better evidence of liberals commitment to science, I’d like to see it.

When it comes to guns, they’ve got mountains of that science stuff, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that, despite what you may believe, Bitter Clinger, guns do not make law-abiding citizens safer. In fact, these studies absolutely demonstrate that if you have a gun in your home, you are “22 times more likely” or “43 times more likely,” or whichever one of the collection of manufactured, bogus statistics they choose to recite that day, to kill a loved one, or to be killed by someone living in your house. As recently, as last Sunday, America’s “newspaper of record” the New York Times, recited these same discredited statistics.

These statistics are phony. They are lies, and the people who manufactured them know it. They don’t care about truth. They care about their agenda.

I can hear you saying “Duh. Tell me something I don’t already know.” You’re correct. It’s not news that liberals are very adept at lying, and using junk science to get what they want, whether it’s trial lawyers trying to shake down businesses with the help of single-digit IQ juries, or sleazy political operatives seeking to control their fellow citizens with bad policies. What is interesting and worth examining here, as they have resuscitated Sen. Diane Feinstein’s gun grab gambit, is why they are so intent on making sure that they scare the heck out of anyone even considering getting a firearm for home defense. Telling women that if they bring a gun into their homes they are asking to be shot, or worse, to have their children killed, will do that job nicely.

You know that their “scientific evidence” is as real as Barack Obama’s skeet shooting hobby. You aren’t the target of these lies. The average mommy is, the woman who has never fired a gun, and who hears about firearms only in the context of tragedies like Newtown. If she can be made to believe that a gun is as dangerous as a bag of anthrax, chances are that she will not only not want anything to do with it herself. She will want it banned so that her children will be protected from this scary, terrible thing. If, on the other hand, a gun is just another common household implement, something that can cause injury if misused, but a very useful object when used for good rather than evil, than the thought of banning it makes about as much sense as banning kitchen knives, a notion that even wacky liberals wouldn’t consider. Oh wait

Guns make women safer. The Left wants to make sure that they don’t realize it.

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