High School Disciplines Kids for Wearing American Flag Bandanas, Chanting ‘USA’

Published on February 15, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 8.17.54 AMLast Wednesday, Camarillo High School administrators ordered students Austin Medeiros, Stefan Valenzuela, and their two friends to remove their American flag bandanas and suspended them after they led fellow students at a basketball game in “USA, USA” chants. Camarillo school officials felt those actions had “racial overtones.”

In a high school basketball game in California between Camarillo and Rio Mesa High School, the four friends wore patriotic American flag bandanas like they have always done.

A Camarillo school official ordered them to either remove their bandanas or leave the game as a “precaution” since both schools have a significant number of Hispanic students. The students removed the bandanas and then led the diverse Camarillo high school students who were at the game in a “USA, USA” chant. For that, they were suspended. School officials later lifted the suspension.

Medeiros, one of the students who wore the American flag bandana, told the Ventura County Star that he and his friends are “very patriotic” and they have “always” worn the American flag bandanas.

“I will always be proud of where I come from and what my flag represents,” he tweeted. “No matter what anyone tells me! I stand up for what I believe in!”

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