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Liberals on Twitter celebrate murder of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle

Screen Shot 2013-02-03 at 4.09.49 PMChris Kyle, a former Navy SEAL and author of “American Sniper,” was murdered Saturday afternoon at a gun range 53 miles outside Fort Worth, Tex. While many in the country mourned his loss, Twitchy reported Sunday that a number of anti-gun liberals on Twitter mocked and celebrated his murder.

“I am absolutely against guns being used for any reason, but in the matter of Chris Kyle, I’d have to say it was poetic justice,” one person wrote.

“All u hypocrites can miss me with the Chris Kyle American Sniper sympathy bulls**t, I call his death karma. Feel for his family not him,” said another user on Twitter.

“Chris Kyle was killed at a gun how ironic lol live by the gun die by the gun now I really believe he had it coming to him,” said “Patricia.”
“[O]h the irony! lol,” added “GrantT.”

A number of Twitter users called his murder “karma,” while many, like “GrantT,” apparently thought Kyle’s murder was something to laugh about.

“LOL to the kid who compared Chris Kyle’s death to the movie Shootout,” said “Sean Flynn.”