Love Letters From Loraine: Wednesday’s Edition

Written by Doug Giles on February 20, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 1.13.39 PMThis genteel note was spawned in response to Nick Taxia’s column on, titled: “It’s the Culture, Stupid!” -What the War on Guns Is Really About.

Here’s Lo’s sweet nothings …

“F— you, you don’t even know what the hell your talking about, Your not even listening to OUR President, Your listening to the damn Republicans and the NRA and they are f–king lying through their damn teeth!  Grow up you fricking stupid idiot!  Take your g– damn culture and shove it up your damn ass!!!!  Grow up you stupid cultural idiots!”

Her note was longer than yesterday’s. I think she’s talking a shining to me…


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