MAN STUFF: Be A Classic Man In An Effeminate World

You’ve heard it a hundred times: Chivalry is dead. But at American Crew, we’re not so sure. Of course a modern woman isn’t idly waiting around for a man to whisk her off her feet. But there are still certain gentlemanly rituals she wants you to uphold.

Be the initiator

If you wait for a woman to make the first move, you’re giving her the impression that you’re uncomfortable being in charge. Be the first to pick up the phone. Be the first to suggest an exciting rendezvous spot. And be the first to offer to pick up the tab. You’ll let her know that you’re not just interested, you’re confident enough to do something about it. 

Plan ahead 

Organized, driven and busy, the modern woman is anything but bored. Calling her a few days in advance allows her to be thoroughly prepared for a date. And while she loves spontaneity, too many last-minute meet ups can make her feel like a last resort. 

Take charge of the situation 

Modern women are independent, self-sufficient and capable. They don’t need anybody to stand up for them or do their bidding. But they’re also very grateful when someone steps in to help them out of an uncomfortable situation. 

Look the part 

Women spend a lot of time and energy on their appearance. And you can bet they’re also going to pay attention to yours. So make sure your style is calculated and intentional.Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 12.01.56 PM


Doug Giles

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