Man Stuff: Boys, Guns and Sissified Windbags

Published on February 18, 2013

Macaroni_19C_illusThe Left is laboring assiduously to indoctrinate an entire generation of young boys to believe the following: Guns are evil. And fruits of this treacherous tutoring will be evident 15 to 20 years from now when the US Marine Corps can’t find a single male recruit. 

If such nefarious trends continue — our most potent military weapon in the future will be a platoon of women armed with contraceptives.

Can anyone say Semper Fem?

Sadly — the national debate over guns is mired in the dogmatic swamps of leftist BS by those who believe a rifle is not only the lapdog of the devil — but also a lethal proxy penis.

It is due time to take back the debate from these insidiously warped and sissified windbags who are clearly suffering from unhinged gun-o-phobia.

Lest we forget — guns in the hands of responsible and honorable men have produced much good fruit. From the Minuteman to the Navy SEAL to the husband/father protecting his castle — firearms have been used to defeat tyrants, despots and invaders.

And without these God given instruments of self-preservation — America would not be “the land of the free” — but rather the subjugated colony of a vast European power, or perhaps a desolate outpost in a global Islamic hegemony. 

George Washington realized the explicit relevance of guns when he stated:

They [guns] are the American people’s liberty teeth and keystone under independence … The very atmosphere of firearms anywhere and everywhere restrains evil interference; they deserve a place of honor with all that’s good. When firearms go, all goes; we need them every hour.”

So — when it comes to the issue of guns — we must let it be known on every polemical level that the Left’s views are antithetical to traditional American values, thought and history.

In doing so — we unshackle an entire generation of young boys from the throes of perverted left-wing ethos and allow them to once again point their fingers on the playground and shout: BANG!

Image: Coloured engraving of a Macaroni or Molly, an 18th Century term for effeminate homosexual; date: c.1780; source: 19th century book with reprint of illustration; public domain/copyright

Image (3)Pete Parker is a Navy veteran and former strength athlete who writes about the current issues of the day from a conservative perspective. Pete was also the host of “TUFFTalk” radio which dealt with national security– and the threat Islam poses to Western Civilization. He is very passionate about preserving our great nation’s Judeo-Christian heritage.