McCready Shot Her Dog Before She Kills Herself. Who Does That?

Published on February 19, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-02-19 at 10.15.24 AMSinger Mindy McCready shot her family’s dog before turning the gun on herself, Monday’s Daily Mail reports.

The UK’s Independent also reported the story with this headline, “After a lifetime courting tragedy, country star Mindy McCready ‘shot family dog before committing suicide on porch where boyfriend killed himself'”

McCready, 37, committed suicide Sunday by shooting her dog and then herself, a sheriff’s spokesman in Arkansas confirmed today. The dog belonged to David Wilson, McCready’s late boyfriend, also a victim of suicide. He shot himself last month.

The Mail also notes McCready was ironically working on a suicide awareness video on the day before she committed suicide.

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Marty Moss, the Sheriff of Cleburne County in Arkansas, said that McCready was home alone when she shot her dog and herself.

McCready has two sons, Zander, 6, and baby Zayne, who is just 10-months old. The children are being cared by foster families a rep told CNN.

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