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News Clash

New Low Alert: Left Uses Kyle Murder to Push Gun Control

Screen Shot 2013-02-05 at 9.44.45 AMThe editor-in-chief of Mother Jones, Clara Jeffery, has gotten herself into hot water on Twitter by using the death of Navy Seal Chris Kyle as a weapon to argue for gun control. Kyle, the most celebrated sniper in the armed forces after his book American Sniper was released, was shot and killed at a gun range. He was apparently shot in the back.

Jeffery started the Twitter war with this tweet:

So if a Navy SEAL and reputed best sniper in the world AT A GUN RANGE can’t take down a sick guy on a rampage…

Then she followed with this:

So much for good/talented guy with a gun being able to stop mentally ill guy with a gun.

The responses came fast and furious;

Andrea @time4_honesty @ClaraJeffery It’s irresponsible to tweet judgement before the full story is out. Responsible journalists wait. You’re not responsible.

BakerPKS @BakerPKS @ClaraJeffery they weren’t enemies you moron. He never expected the guy to turn on him and shoot. How ignorant and hateful can you be??.

Apparently Jeffery couldn’t stand the heat, as one Tweeter noted:

Clara Jeffery @ClaraJeffery Ok @HeidiL_RN, how does calling Chris Kyle both “good” and “talented” deserve me being called a “dirtbag motherfucker”?

Heidi@HeidiL_RN You are a trash hack. How dare you question the skill of this hero. You are a disgrace with no respect for our military @ClaraJeffery