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Obama’s Plan To Reduce Gun Violence Is Worst Idea Since The Vodka Tampon

Back in January Obama sent a tweet out stating:

“RT if you support President Obama’s plan to reduce gun violence..”

Below is my reply to his tweet:

obama and me

Now as you can see I did have some support from my comment, but oh did I receive some Obama Zombies’ piece-of-deteriorated-brainwashed-mind. Here are a few of the comments:

The typical blame Bush comment…


The ever so creative insult/observation…


The comment that was supposed to shut me down…


And of course, the foreigner who thinks he is an expert on US gun issues…


These are just a few of the comments.  Trust me, there are many more and I have to say it was entertaining to go back and forth with some of these commentators for a while.

You can read more here on: TWITTER