Shut Up, Dr. Carson

713307_wearing_a_suitIt’s politically incorrect to criticize a politically correct President

As most everyone knows, Dr. Benjamin Carson recently spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast, sharing his life story, encouraging Americans to take personal responsibility, confronting errant assumptions about national healthcare, indicting our culture for submitting to the tyranny of political correctness and chiding our leaders for being AWOL on issues like the debt, and economic decline.

By most accounts, Dr. Carson performed a public service with intelligent articulation in a humble fashion. 

By Leftist accounts, notably from Fox commentator Bob Beckel, Dr. Carson’s remarks were “shameful,” and Bob was deeply “offended.”  It is a violation of the PC code of “ethics” for a Christian to speak freely at the national prayer breakfast, encouraging fellow citizens in the paths of goodness, and sharing how his personal experience and professional insight inform his politics, according to lunkheads like Beckel.
Unwittingly, Bob helped Dr. Carson make his point. 

Regardless of venue (which is apparently Bob’s big objection) anyone, including Dr. Carson, should just bite their tongues, if they presume criticism of Barack Obama.  According to the PC police, freedom of speech stops wherever Obama begins.

Archbishop Beckel of the First Church of Political Correctness must finger Dr. Carson’s “sin” precisely because Dr. Carson correctly diagnosed Obama’s disease, and by association, Beckel’s as well.  In decrying the hypocrisy and tyrannical nature of political correctness, Dr. Carson sought to correct Beckel’s irrational politics, a mental disease he shares with Obama, a contagion now infecting half the country.  Like Obama, Beckel is a hypocrite and a tyrant, both men pretending to be Americans interested in liberty and justice for all.

What are the symptoms infecting the PC police that Dr. Carson correctly identified, directly and by inference?

> Pervasive irrationality
> A distinct lack of common sense
> Systemic illogic
> Hyper partisanship to the exclusion of problem-solving
> A refusal to compromise rooted in malignant narcissism
> Drunken spending and chronic waste of other people’s resources
> Weak and meandering foreign policy
> Immoral and amoral domestic policy
> No leadership skill
> Empty suit syndrome
> Seething promotion of godless hedonism

The fact Archbishop Beckel and President Poser are so offended indicates the height of Dr. Carson’s success at the prayer breakfast.

Obama is the most protected and promoted Poser in history, a man willing to throw the entire country under the bus to protect his own ego.  All Dr. Carson did was express his heart as a free American, a right he exercised with divine sanction, a right not subject to the control of Beckel or Obama, thank God.

The fact they seek Dr. Carson’s destruction shows their complete detachment from the values and principles that made this country great, the values and principles Dr. Carson promotes, to forward the general welfare.  If that embarrasses Beckel and Obama, all the better.

If this country is to experience renewal and restoration, we need more men and women with the courage and conviction of Dr. Carson, speaking out to the great irritation of people like Bob and Barry.  They have held the microphone long enough, and we have stayed silent far too long.

Instead of whining and complaining like children, people like Archbishop Beckel should enter the arena like grownups, or simply fade away, the latter being the preferred option.  
PS:  We love you Cal Thomas, but you are dead wrong on this one.  By your measure, it would have been “inappropriate” for Christ to confront the religious hypocrites just because he was speaking in the Temple.  What a depraved culture we see when people like Bill Maher and Madonna spew filth and find fortunes, while a good man promoting goodness gets attacked by brothers in the faith.   

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