Study: Women on TV Murdered More Violently Than Men, But Why?

Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 9.17.18 AMTV is a dangerous place, what with the meth dealers, zombies, gangsters, vampires, and legions of cops and robbers on every network. Characters are practically looking for danger every time they step into a frame that doesn’t reside in the cozy confines of a sitcom. recently released the stats of a study by, which named The Walking Dead the deadliest show on television, but the report also included an interesting statistic about the fate of women in televisual danger: “While guns were the most prevalent method for killing both genders, females died 70 percent of the time in other ways — by knife or blade, beating and strangulation, poisoning, vehicle crashes, etc.” The quick, clean, relatively emotionless method of murder by gun is a fate mostly saved for male TV characters, many of which occupy the zombie/henchman/lackie categories.

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