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Aloha Firearms! Guns & Ammo Sales Skyrocket in Hawaii

More and more people continue to buy guns in Hawaii and this weekend’s gun show at the Blaisdell was packed.

Business at this weekend’s gun show is booming.

“A lot more women a lot more families, it’s not just a man thing anymore,” says Sheldon Tyau, Event Coordinator.

Organizers say it’s the largest crowd they’ve seen in the show’s 35 year history.

The longest line was for ammo.

“It’s really difficult to get ammo at a good price right now, if you can find it,” says Doug Moose, Mililani resident.

“Alot of it’s getting scarce on the mainland, so a lot of people want to make sure they get extra ammo,” says Tyau.

So-called Assault rifles are another hot ticket item.

“There is an increased interest in getting them in case they’re outlawed,” says Tyau.

A trend that some lawmakers say is counterproductive to the President’s plan to reduce gun violence.

“They fan some of the hysteria and paranoia thats out there because of an Obama administration and fear their guns are going to be taken away. At the end of the day, it fans sales, increases sales,” says Senator Will Espero, (D) Public Safety Committee.

In Hawaii, legislators efforts to tighten the state’s gun laws have died.

There’s only one bill that passed to the senate and it would create additional background checks for people bringing guns into the state.

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