HUNT/FISH: It’s Alive! Deer Mistaken for Roadkill Jumps Out of Trunk

Written by Doug Giles on March 21, 2013

Police in Kalamazoo got quite the surprise when they opened up the trunk of a car Tuesday morning. An officer on routine patrol noticed a suspicious person in the 3700 block of E. Cork Street at a hotel. While talking to the man the officer’s attention was drawn to the trunk area of the vehicle as the man unexpectedly hit the trunk release and stated: “I hit a deer, I figured you would want to see it.” The driver claims he hit the deer with his car on a nearby roadway. He was hoping to have the meat to feed his family and put it in the trunk. The deer jumped from the trunk and made a run for it to a nearby wooded area. The man was at a loss for words since the deer was obviously not quite as dead as he thought it was.

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