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John Stewart Goes Off on Obama’s Incompetence and Broken Promises to Fix the VA Backlogs

Jon Stewart tonight took on the backlog at the Veterans Administration, with thousands of veterans having to wait for way-too-long periods of time. Stewart used the segment to tear into the Obama administration for previously stating that the only thing getting in the way of the government taking care of people is Republican obstruction. In fact, Republicans have supported the V.A., and Stewart told the president that “when you’re not obstructed from doing what you want, you better f***ing bring it.”

Stewart summed up Democratic complaints by saying “because of Republicans, nothing can pass through the legislative body,” and likened efficient government to getting Washington ready for bikini season. He ripped into the V.A. for not being able to handle the same kind of heavy customer flow as McDonald’s, and “they are run by a clown.”

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Video courtesy of The Daily Show

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