Kerry: Just As Fakakte* As His Boss

Written by Audrey Russo on March 2, 2013

391px-John_Kerry_promotional_photograph_columnsThere is more stupidity than hydrogen in the universe, and it has a longer shelf life.” ~Frank Zappa

Well, Sec. of State John Kerry is off to a stupid start. And I say that with all due respect to the office…

His first speech was at the University of Virginia … where he spoke of the American “sacred” duty to address climate change for future generations (I’m sorry, I missed that one in our Founding documents).

“Sacred”… really? That’s odd terminology for a political representative to use. Not to mention disturbing, unless you are an Earth worshiper.

Then Kerry took off to Berlin … and displayed his lack of vast knowledge on religion and religious freedom. Kerry said, “In America, you have a right to be stupid.” Well, THAT was a stupid thing to say…

That’s his understanding of religious freedom in the US? If Kerry would have cracked a book and studied his predecessors, like Thomas Jefferson, our first Sec. of State, he would have understood (which he does not) the critical importance of religious freedom. Jefferson said regarding this issue, “For I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility to every form of tyranny over the mind of man.”

I mention this quote due to the drivel that Kerry offered next…

Kerry: “You have intolerance in a number of different kinds of religions or points of view in different things. I know that Islam is not represented by a lot of jihadists and others. I know it’s a beautiful religion. I’ve read more and more about it.”

He’s reading a book … now that’s encouraging, but wait…

Kerry continued: 

I’ve been reading a book recently called No God but God, which is the history of the Prophet and where he came from and how it developed as a religion. It’s fascinating. If I went back to college today, I’d probably go back and be a comparative religion major and a comparative literature major, because those are the things that help you understand what makes people tick and how they’re working and how they think. But the important thing is to have the tolerance to say you can have a different point of view.

Aww, and to think we were encouraged.

The book he referred to is on the Useful Idiots reading list … it’s written by Reza Aslan, an unofficial Iranian regime operative whom researcher/scholar Robert Spencer calls a, “quintessential example of a deceptive Islamic supremacist who is widely taken as a ‘moderate’, and is thus a good illustration of how people can be taken in by such snake-oil peddlers.” 

In other words, he’s a taqiyya-practicing Muslim (lies for the sake of Islam). Aslan is a Board member of the National Iranian American Council, and is regarded as an apologist for the Islamic Republic of Iran. Aslan has also requested that the U.S. Government negotiate with Ahmadinejad and Hamas …t he head of a State Sponsor of Terrorism and a group listed on the State Dept. list of Terrorist Organizations.

Sounds moderate to me…

Over 20,000 deadly terror attacks have been committed by Islamic terrorists globally since 9/11. That’s not “beautiful” but barbaric, Mr. Kerry.

Kerry clearly fits this fakakte* administration to a “T”. Like the bumbling Count Jester Biden, he’ll keep us both amused and worried.

I will say Kerry was right about one thing: You have a right to be stupid in America … and he’s already thoroughly proved that. 

*Fakakte – Yiddish for screwed-up.

Image: Former Senator, Current Secretary of State John Kerryy; source: v3/press/downloads.html

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