Ladies We have a problem, with our ‘Girls’

Published on March 10, 2013

by Stephanie Janiczek
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

get-attachmentLena Dunham is not a reason why the nation’s women are falling through the cracks; she is a symptom and a result of years of cultural abuse by leftists and radicals. What do I mean by abuse? Think over the last 40 years of radical feminism and how women’s choices have been whittled away from true independence and equality to the over sexual, unhappy and spiritually lost. We are losing our young women.

I refuse to watch the HBO series “Girls”. After reading reviews and seeing parts I have to say the show is an example of everything wrong with our culture, and especially our young women; and Lena Dunham is the perfect centerpiece for those problems. I had no idea who this pixie was until she made that mind boggling political advertisement for Barack Obama’s campaign about voting for the “First Time”. If you have not seen it, here it is:

Disturbing is she not? From the homeless style t-shirt she is wearing as if it were Dior to what she is saying. Truly disturbing.

There are no words to describe the low rent display this young woman is putting on. What is sad is this: she does not know any better. She has no idea what she looks like. She believes dressing the way she does, and acting the way she does, is liberating. But it’s not. How does one break through the years of conditioning that created this kind of girl? How does one prove the philosophy she’s selling is a blatant lie? How does one reach someone so thoroughly imbued with no self-worth?

The questions are hard to answer. While we real feminists were living our lives and discovering that our choices were the reasons why some things were bad in our lives and then worked to rectify them, there were other women who preached misandry, attacking motherhood and the rest of traditions that have bound society for millennia to little girls, like Lena Dunham. When I was in college I had more than one friend who felt compelled to believe these denizens of the Women’s Studies department instead of thinking for themselves.

I had four brothers and a Dad who were there for me. They were responsible and served as an example of what men should be. Let me say, nothing any of the Women’s Studies professors and their merry band of followers ever said ever made the case about some big, awful patriarchy. In fact as a college student a little older than most I found these women to be border line crazy.

There was a time that women were told to think for themselves. It was a time between 1920 and 1960, when women were influenced by Abigail Adams for instance or more recently Rose Wilder Lane, the daughter of Laura Ingalls Wilder who was also one of the founding mothers of the libertarian movement.

Before the silly book The Feminist Mystique, by the queen mother of radical feminism, Betty Friedan, women like Rose Wilder Lane stood at the forefront of libertarian thought and were better role models for young women because, unlike Friedan, she did not isolate men and normal human relationships as the problem. Real feminists just live their lives, rise to the top and none of their successes have anything to do with the causes Steinem, Friedan or the spawn of these radicals (Lena Dunham) stake their claim to. Another interesting example of true feminism is Ayn Rand whose ideas of individualism were not confined to just women.

What women like Friedan pushed was a lie. A lie that women don’t need marriage or a man. The lie that killing ones baby is the ultimate proof of this bizarre idea of equality they peddle. The whole idea of feminism has been reduced from getting the vote, the ability to be independent and be the true partner of our husbands, to a vision of the American woman as the overly sexualized, dependent-on-government, life-of-Julia type that cannot take care of herself, or has any individualism. These Friedan, Steinmen followers were never as much for equality as they are for women being superior to men. As a woman I find that laughable. Think about how truly deranged that sounds.

Girls like Lena Dunham are never taught to think for themselves. They are conditioned to respond with condescension and fear to what is the opposite of what they were taught. She’s a product of decades of leftist infiltration into our cultural and educational institutions. This is what these aging feminists have wanted for the women that came after them.

It’s one thing to talk about being equal, it is another thing to be an equal. It is one thing to talk to girls about certain things that make life what it is, and quite another to make those certain things a euphemism for voting. Dunham’s Obama video is troubling because she can reach millions of young teenage girls with her message of amorality. Ultimately that is what Lena Dunham and her message is, amoral. Our girls, she tells them, are not valuable; that being only a purely sexual creature with no future relationship with a man is the goal for women to strive to gain. What she sells is insecurity, self-loathing and the true objectification of girls. She has objectified herself in this instance and the Women’s Studies departments all over the United States applaud.

Virtues such as humility, pride and honor are squashed beneath the heels of radical feminist thought and have become quaint notions. But these virtues have sustained humanity for millennia. Women need to be reminded that they are more than their bodies. If we truly own ourselves then why should we buy into the philosophy of disrespecting ourselves? That is what Lena Dunham sells in that advertisement and in her HBO TV show.


Stephanie Janiczek is a former Capitol Hill Staff Assistant, Schedule C Appointee and Leadership Institute alum. Military Wife, Hunter, Horse enthusiast, dog owner, writer and feminist kryptonite