Lions and Leftists — What Do You Expect?

Written by Steve Pauwels on March 14, 2013

Well, to the punishing detriment of the American people, the bent of Democrats and a proliferating strain of gulled, go-along Republicans is to always demand more from tax-payers, ceaselessly discovering newer or broader avenues for disbursing sacred, public dollars. For these, ever emerging are needs to be remedied by local, state or federal government, ever the Big Hand extended to extort more from hard-working citizens laboring to provide for themselves, their loved ones, their concerns.

The Senate Democrats’ just-released budget proposes, over the next decade, another trillion dollar tax-hike and a sixty-two percent increase in spending. The United States wobbles chillingly on the razor’s edge of another recession and the Progressive’s solution? Draining more from the private sector to heap on their statist schemes.

Incapable of envisioning a situation in which civic officials of one station or another should flatly butt-out, they ritualistically respond as government-uber-alles types always respond — it’s the very core of their being, the essence of what they are. Again, that’s no excuse, just an explanation. We shouldn’t be taken aback when, time and again, year in and out, they downshift into the more-from-others’-pockets-and-more-for-our-utopian-dreams gear. It’s what Liberals, and their feckless, cowhearted abettors, do. Consistently. Reflexively.

Barack Obama’s undiluted incapacity to trim any entitlement spending in any meaningful way, despite his fig-leaf, deficit-cutting boilerplate to the contrary, is a federal government case in point. He never stops impudently hectoring Americans about sacrifice and “hard decisions”. He also never follows through to actually demand any of the above from himself, his worshipful Democratic underlings, his hapless Republican “opposition”, or the voters.

Okay, I’ll concede, he doesn’t shy from shaking down “the rich” (i.e., the successful who manage to wring some reward from their efforts) — but even that flows out of the Progressive soul: Profit? Evil. The American dream? Contemptible. Independence from Big Brother? Intolerable.

Liberals, subjected to a dose of sodium pentothal, would further come clean: they despise most things military, most things involving wood-and-metal sticks that go “boom”, most things hinting at manliness or physical force. Thus: in the cartoonish sequester squabble in which our Manipulator-in-Chief just embroiled the country, our Defense Department fielded a disproportionate share of spending “cuts”. Liberals don’t like the military, you see: they don’t sweat it when our constitutionally-authorized fighting forces take it in the neck.

Freebies for food stamp recipients? Public assistance for able-bodied but unmotivated layabouts or illegal-immigrant interlopers? Funds for Presidential vacations or White House retainers (dog handler, included)? Mandated, tax-payer-subsidized health care for everyone, including “free” contraceptives and aborto-facients? That’s an altogether different matter, for our Louis XIV president and his centralizing, command-and-control cheerleaders.

LIberals, long ago, imbibed of a poisonous ideology: an inflated State and shriveled personal freedom and responsibility; not “small government, Big People”, as Charles C. W. Cooke pointed out recently in National Review, but its opposite. Unaccountable libertinism? Yes. Constitutional Liberty? Meh.

Like a kernel of polonium, it has pulsed into every corner of their outlook, and thus of our society

From this embedded foundation, modern Leftists operate, without exception. Their screamingly wrong-headed policy prescriptions are, therefore, screamingly predictible.

A prudent electorate ought to recognize as much, and act appropriately, shutting Liberals away from the levers of power and influence.

We normally keep lions caged, don’t we?

Image: source Transferred from en.wikipedia; author: Sumit.pamnani at English Wikipedia; public domain

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Steve Pauwels is pastor of Church of the King, Londonderry, NH and host of Striker Radio with Steve Pauwels on the Red State Talk Radio Network. He's also husband to the lovely Maureen and proud father of three fine sons: Mike, Sam and Jake.