Maggie for President: This 19yr. Old Chick Gets It.

Published on March 8, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-03-08 at 7.35.57 AMWhen we look at history, there has always been a war between tyranny and liberty. This will never cease while there is still a battle within man’s greedy and selfish heart. We all like to be in control, to a certain extent. If you ever thought your parents were wrong and you were right, you’ve probably had a struggle for control before. I remember over and over as a young child thinking that it was perfectly acceptable to spend every waking moment with my friends. My parents seemed to have a twisted view that spending all my time with my peers might develop poor habits and character. I was certain, on the other hand, that I was unshakeable.

As you grow older, you often become more aware of your weaknesses, realizing that you aren’t only shakeable and breakable, you are prone to it – as is all of mankind with depravity running through our very veins. I also remember at a very early age thinking my parents owed me something. It wasn’t long before my dad cleared that up for me and my four older brothers. If you wanted something, you had to earn it! We were well equipped with the concept of, “You reap what you sow.” If you want more…work harder!

Many politicians and leaders today are just like children who never had a parent say “no” and had everything from their clothes, car, insurance, cellphone bill, education, etc. all paid for out of their parents’ pockets.

In the way that even conservatives are raising their kids today, you shouldn’t be surprised there’s such a large left-wing turn out.

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