Make Sure Hollywood Isn’t Your Only Source of Info

Published on March 22, 2013

800px-Hollywood_signby Stephanie Bertorelli
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

I read an article this week that was critical of a recent movie’s potential to spark negative behaviors. I think that thought process is a little flawed given the subject matter but I can understand the author’s attitude to a point, I just wish it wasn’t the case.

Lately, Hollywood and the mainstream media have become a primary source for the information that is regurgitated across the country each day. Wouldn’t it be nice if the majority of people in this country actually researched their news or read more than one source on something in order to form an opinion?

One of the main reasons that I’ve shied away from Hollywood is that the subjects they are presenting simply are not ones that I am interested in – anymore. Why is it that Hollywood can’t seem to have an original idea lately? I can’t count how many remakes and re-releases in 3-D that I have seen commercials for and just shaken my head. Those Hollywood elite are so politically active too, but why would I ever rely on a group of people that can’t come up with an original thought for a movie to entertain me to come up with an original idea that can save the country?

And should I get my ideas and information from the Mainstream Media? You mean those people who tell me that rapists are “good students” and that the best way to prevent rape is ‘”to teach the men that rape is wrong”? Yeah, umm, NO!

Then there’s the nearly 20% of younger adults that admit that they get their biggest influence in receiving news is The Daily Show. Really, I admire Jon Stewart and would love to have his Twitter numbers but for anyone to use a show that airs on a comedy station and bills itself as political comedy as the main source of information is preposterous.

I wish that people would stop listening to one news report and assuming that the President is going to send you some “Obama Money”.

Just wake up people – use your head!!

I would give anything to have a conversation with my grandfather and my uncle (both deceased) about what is going on in the world today. My grandfather was a dyed-in-the-wool Republican and my uncle a free-thinking Libertarian. They had completely opposite views on so many things yet there was a mutual respect that I am still in awe of. I was too young to know how lucky I was to have such incredible men to help to teach me about the world.

If you walk into a voting booth and simply pull a blue or a red lever or if you get all of your news and influence by the media and Hollywood, we’ve all lost.

What we should all be doing is surrounding ourselves with all kinds of people and outlets to provide information. Gather your sources, do your research. Talk to your family and friends. No, they aren’t all going to have the same take on things and they aren’t all going to always agree with you. That’s the best part!

I don’t want my daughters to grow up in a culture where they have to depend on the media and movies to develop their thoughts and values. I will surround us with people who can help to teach them the rights and wrongs and the bad and the good. I am not going to always shield them from the things that might frighten them because how else will they learn how to defend themselves? How else can I help to guide them along the right path?

I don’t want to give the impression that movies and media can’t influence – they can … they just shouldn’t be the sole source. Hell, I’m even inspired by some. As a line from one of my favorite movies says, “I think it’s better to have ideas. You can change an idea. Changing a belief is trickier.”

Image:; Jon Sullivan; public domain

2013-01-14_10.17.35-2 (1)Stephanie Bertorelli is a publicist and author living in Charlotte, NC. She’s the mother of two girls that she’s raised to say thank you to all officers and soldiers they meet and who also know that they better get the tissues ready for mom when the National Anthem plays. With a passion for sparkly shoes and vintage green dresses, she spends her free time (what free time?) writing, perfecting new recipes and trying out new wines.