MAN STUFF: Boyfriend Braves Daring Rock Climb to Save Girlfriend

Screen Shot 2013-03-09 at 9.34.21 AMA man climbed 140 feet up a Fife rock face to save his girlfriend after the pair became trapped by the incoming tide.

The couple, both in their early 20s, had been on the Elie Chainwalk when their route was cut off by the water.

Neither had a mobile phone and they decided to climb to safety. The woman became stuck 90 feet from the top but the man continued climbing and went to a cottage to raise the alarm.

Just after 6pm on Friday, Aberdeen Coastguard launched the Kinghorn and Anstruther Lifeboats and dispatched Coastguard teams from St Andrews and Leven to rescue the pair, from Leven.

St Andrews Coastguard station officer Craig Tough said it was pitch black by the time they arrived.

He said: “The male accompanied the coastguards to the cliff top and showed them where he had come up. Contact was then made with the female and the coastguards set up their cliff rescue gear whilst the boats illuminated the cliff face for them.

“A cliff technician was then lowered to the casualty and she was recovered to the cliff top.”

Mr Tough said the man did very well to reach the top of the cliff.

He said: “A couple of bits are vertical and it’s very slidey. It’s not an easy piece of terrain at all.”

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