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Perez at Labor: the Gauntlet Has Been Thrown Down

by Donald Joy
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

Perez_photo2For the last several years, Thomas Perez has waged war on America from his position as the Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division at Eric Holder’s bureau of outrageous travesties, once known to Americans as the U.S. Department of Justice.  The environment there was so corrupt, so hostile to the rule of law and to white people, that prominent career DOJ civil rights attorney J. Christian Adams resigned in protest.  

Adams has written an entire book on the subject and on Perez’s reign of terror, the New York Times bestseller titled Injustice: The Racial Agenda of the Obama Justice Department, which he describes as  “largely a catalog of the rancid racialism over which Perez has presided.” Adams describes an audacious, official (yet officially denied) policy of refusal to even consider investigating any of the numerous cases of civil rights violations where whites are reported to be the victims, and the refusal to conduct department operations in a race-neutral way at all.  

Now, our “transformational” Marxist president has gone ahead with his anticipated nomination of the most racially inflammatory, radical left-wing communist yet to be a prospective member of his cabinet, tapping Perez for Secretary of Labor.  

Obama is daring Republicans to try and stop him. 

If our nation’s senators fail to uphold their oaths of office and he winds up being confirmed, Perez will replace the already sufficiently unsavory left-wing socialist who resigned this year, Hilda Solis, at the Labor Dept.  

The idea of someone as far gone as Thomas Perez as Labor Secretary is completely unacceptable, and the fact that the mainstream media is treating it like just another cabinet appointment is just more sickening evidence of their role as nothing but a public relations operation for Obama — there’s enough controversy here to fill an entire week of programming, but of course, CNN, as of this writing, mentions none of it.  It is up to us in the alternative media to get the word out everywhere.         

Think I’m exaggerating about what a total disaster Perez is?  Think again.  No less than heavyweight Democrat operative Lanny Davis went on the record while interviewed on Washington D.C.-area conservative talk radio, calling the radical Perez “the worst of the worst,” on WMAL’s morning drive show.  Davis expounded, saying Perez is even worse than onetime Obama “green czar” Van Jones, who resigned in disgrace after Glenn Beck’s scandalous exposes on cable TV enlightened Americans as to the extent of Jones’ unabashed self-identification as a communist, a black militant, and “9/11 truther.” Others have even likened Perez to ding-donged (deceased) socialist dictator Hugo Chavez himself, saying there simply isn’t any way to distinguish them from each other, on policy, in the slightest.    

Basically, Perez and Holder and the rest of their racist cabal have run a ‘FUBU’ justice department–“For Us, By Us” (with “us,” of course, being Eric Holder’s “my people”) — apparently with whites as fair game for any kind of persecution, harassment, and rights violations.  Equal protection under the law?  Ha!  Official payback time, honkies, and they’re going to smear you as an evil bigot if you happen to object.   

Below are just some of the gory details of Perez’ anti-American (illegal) legal career.  Just some, mind you.  

Perez took control at DOJ’s civil rights division in early 2009, when the case against the New Black Panther Party (who, in November 2008, threatened and intimidated white voters at a polling place in Philadelphia) had already been abruptly dropped by Holder and Obama, after the outgoing Bush administration had previously won slam-dunk, open-and-shut proceedings against the defendants.  Civil rights attorney and activist Bartle Bull called the Black Panther case the worst example of voter intimidation he’d ever seen.   

The video evidence and eyewitness testimony was clear and irrefutable:  Two snarling, menacing black men in black paramilitary uniforms stood at the entrance to the voting place, one of them plainly brandishing and waving a “night stick”, hurling epithets and taunting whites who dared show up to vote, with utterances such as “You about to be ruled by the black man, cracker!” Perez, with the blessings of Holder and Obama, helped make sure that the Black Panthers were allowed to skate away from the case, and that the entire affair was basically stonewalled.

In the aftermath of controversy surrounding the dismissal of the New Black Panthers case, Perez repeatedly lied under oath about the details, and he actively participated in an official cover-up. An Inspector General’s report confirms all of this, as does Judicial Watch. Perez refused to honor valid subpoenas from the U.S. Civil Rights Commission, and he absurdly denied the political nature of the decisions related to the case.  This is despite the fact that all 113 lawyers hired at his division were specifically sought out and personally approved by Perez because they are left-wing activists (which even the New York Times acknowledges), among them some truly extreme radicals.   

Perez has made it his life’s work to undermine the rule of law here in America, aggressively pushing the same Harvard Law School-inculcated “critical race theory” and “critical legal theory” which Obama received from Derrick Bell at Harvard.  He has served as president of Casa de Maryland, a radical group funded by George Soros and Hugo Chavez, which works to make sure illegal aliens enjoy unfettered, taxpayer-funded benefits and immunity from any kind of consequences having to do with their invading our sovereign territory and breaking our laws.  The group even targets those who try to advocate for upholding our immigration laws for harassment, intimidation, and smear attacks.     

While at DOJ, Perez has fought tooth and nail to block voter ID laws in various states, further harming the already dubious integrity of our elections in an environment of rampant, officially sanctioned democrat fraud, intimidation, and chicanery.  The numerous aggressive, Alinsky-ite federal lawsuits, and the personal, political attacks against individuals such as Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, have been non-stop.  

Perez has actively sought to violate the rights of the Catholic church and its members on contraceptives and pro-life issues.  He stubbornly refuses to say whether he would protect the First Amendment free-speech rights of Americans if they criticize Islam, indicating that he would help pave the way for the enforcement of Sharia law here in America, against Americans. 

There’s plenty more, trust me.  But I must get to the point.    

So do you have any objections to Thomas Perez being in charge of our nation’s workplace policies, you racist bigots?  Besides his being so extremely pro-union (he’s opposed to right-to-work laws which say employees can’t be forced to join unions) and so anti-business that he’ll help kill off even more jobs, Perez would be a nightmare on so many levels that it’s un-American to even think of letting his nomination go forward.

With his nomination of Perez, Obama has, in his usual you-can’t-do-anything-to-stop-me-because-I-can-just-call-you-racists way, thrown down the challenge to those who might otherwise muster the gumption to throw it back in his face.

It’s gumption time.  It’s time to CLASH.  Pick up the challenge and spread the word like prairie fire!

Image: Thomas Perez; source:; author:Official photograph;
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get-attachment (1)Following his service in the United State Air Force, Donald Joy earned a bachelor of science in business administration from SUNY while serving in the army national guard. As a special deputy U.S. marshal, Don was on the protection detail for Attorney General John Ashcroft following the attacks of 9/11. He lives in the D.C. suburbs of Northern Virginia with his wife and son.