Rules For People Who Post Stupid Comments

Written by Irwin Podhajser on March 12, 2013

MH900151497The top three things that really peeve me off:

— Democrats
— Republicans that act like Democrats
— “Conservatives” who post stupid comments on articles and blogs

Unfortunately, all three of the above will always be with us. So today I thought I would confront the third bullet point. I am amazed at the level of absolute stupidity that you read in the comment section of this website as well as any other political websites. While I expect that level of stupidity and anger from the left, it irks me to no end when it comes from “conservatives”. As you noticed I used the quotation marks around the word conservative because I don’t believe these people really understand what being a conservative really is.

So I thought I would post some rules for “conservatives” before they post a comment on this story or any other.

Rule #1 ・If you are always using the word RINO, take a hard look at yourself because you are probably right of Reagan and are the real RINO. See 展ho are the real RINOs?・

Rule #2 – If you use the words race war or negro in your comments, you are a racist pig a-hole and you should leave our party.

Rule #3 – Read the entire article before you comment. It is incredible how many people comment solely based on one line or even just the title of the article. I often read comments which accuse the writer of saying the exact opposite of what they wrote.

Rule #4 – Be intelligent in your arguments. It’s ok to disagree with the article, but at least use intelligence in your counter argument. Accusing the author of being something isn’t the way to further your point or the conservative cause. People should read your comment and even if they disagree with it, they should at least respect your point of view. That respect can only come from an intelligently written argument.

Rule #5 – Don’t hide behind some stupid handle. If you want to comment on an article, especially if you use vicious language, have the guts to use your real name. After all, the writer is using his/her name. If you use a handle, you are a coward.

Rule #6 – If most of the writing you do is in the comment sections, maybe it’s time for you to stop and get your own blog and or column.

Rule #7 – Step back and think before you comment. Ask yourself, “Will my comment help or hurt the conservative cause”. I have both liberal and conservative friends. I spent years debating with liberals about why the conservative movement is correct. A common response I get, especially from minorities that are open to the conservative message, is, “I agree with you Irwin. My problem isn’t conservatism, its conservatives”.

It is this last rule I want to concentrate on. As I mentioned in the article linked to in Rule #1 above, I was a youth minister for many years. I was able to get kids to come to church who normally would never come because I loved them unconditionally and showed them that God loved them unconditionally. Ghandi once said, “I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. They are so unlike your Christ.” As a Christian and former pastor, I agree with him. The biggest obstacle I had as a pastor were “Christians”.

I once asked a street kid why he kept coming to our youth group. To my surprise he began to weep and said that he had attended many churches before, but that we were the first church that accepted him. Just like then, the biggest problem I have in convincing others about the virtues of conservatism is the comments and actions of “conservatives” on sites like this.

What has hurt the most is how the comment section on my articles have undone years of work in trying to convince others about the conservative movement. I have had to listen as my African American friends retell of reading comments on one of my articles that included the words, “negro” and “race war”. My wife who is Hispanic (BTW – Here legally) has had to read comments that were ant-Hispanic. Even very conservative friends who have read comments accusing me of being a RINO, have spoken up and said, “If you are a RINO then I must be a Democrat.”

Reagan was great because he understood how to proclaim the conservative message in a thoughtful, intelligent way that drew people in. Sometimes he had righteous anger, but it was always used sparingly and with a forcefulness of conviction. Even in his anger, he didn’t hurt the conservative movement.

My favorite passage in the Bible says, “  The Lord was with Samuel as he grew up, and he let none of Samuel’s words fall to the ground. (1 Samuel 3:19). Samuel’s words were always blessed. They were always correct. They always accomplished what needed to be done. His words were not wasted or ignorant. They were filled with the light, love and the power of God. When he spoke, he represented God and everything God stood for with each word.

Before you post remember that your words represent the conservative movement and everything it stands for. When you speak or write words of ignorance and hate, you do damage to the thing you proclaim you love. We conservatives are paying the price now for picking the wrong messengers. Choose to be the type of conservative messenger that will build our movement, not tear it down.

Irwin spent the first 15 years of his adult life as a youth pastor in Miami Florida. He then went on to a career in marketing and television where he launched the first Spanish-language television station in southwest Florida and created multi-million dollar ad campaigns. He is currently the President of DrTV Network which is a multi-level television network dedicated towards healthy living. He also serves as Chairman for The Advanced Television Broadcasting Alliance.