Steyn asks: ‘Where Are All of the Principled Liberals?’

Written by Marilyn Assenheim on March 19, 2013

Mark_SteynMark Steyn was substitute host of The Rush Limbaugh Show recently. He is the favorite of the many surrogates Mr. Limbaugh employs in that role. Wit, intelligence and an unflinching commitment to honesty, regardless of which side of the aisle is undergoing scrutiny, makes him worth reading or listening to, even if the subject he chooses to discuss is (saints preserve us) cricket. Several callers frustrated with the never-ending hypocrisy the Lyin’ King and his administration employ, revived the issues of Benghazi, hurricane Sandy and “Fast and Furious.” Mr. Steyn resuscitated facts about these issues. He ended with the question “Where are all of the principled liberals?” Where, indeed.

In the case of Benghazi, our Imperial president made no phone call about it. He couldn’t be bothered because he was too busy preparing for another pseudo stumping visit to Las Vegas. Hillary Clinton, during her farce of a Benghazi hearing donned her pointed, black hat and, before flying off on her broomstick, claimed that she was “too busy” to review all of her emails and, thusly, was unaware of her ambassador’s repeated requests for help. We also know, because of her strident, dismissive testimony, that the deaths of four Americans, diplomats or not, shouldn’t matter. Water under the bridge.

Mr. Steyn made a penetrating observation. He said that what was particularly shameful was that when the president, vice president and then-secretary-of-state showed up for a photo op with the caskets of the four, dead Americans, they all referred to ambassador Christopher Stevens as “Chris.” Chris, “as if he was their best friend.” A friend so unimportant that his repeated requests for assistance were completely ignored. Mr. Steyn pointed out that Ambassador Stevens was one of their own; fully on board with every liberal policy, particularly that of an Arab Spring. And this is how Ambassador Stevens as well as three other loyal Americans were repaid. America has yet to be told the truth.

Fast and Furious, too, still hangs out there like abandoned laundry on a long-forgotten clothes line. Continuing to insist that the gambit was merely a continuation of pet whipping boy George Bush’s “policy,” the story has evaporated despite having been brought to prominence by a minority source, Univision. Never mind that the Bush administration’s policy was accomplished with the complete cooperation of the Mexican government (Fast and Furious never was). Never mind that Fast and Furious weapons were deliberately put into the hands of Mexican cartel drug lords by the Holder crowd. Never mind that the “Bush program” was completely scrapped because it was declared a failure years before. How can one “continue” what doesn’t exist? Never mind that, in addition to the Americans killed by this ham-handed attempt to gin up gun control fervor, this administration has been responsible for the murder of several hundred Mexican nationals? Without a peep of protest from liberal flacks?

The Lyin’ King shows up for a few hours, hugs a few people devastated by hurricane Sandy, promising FEMA help and an end to red tape, and flies off again. As of this writing, there are still areas of New Jersey and Staten Island with no power, facing other winter storms. President Bush is endlessly derided to this day for a three-day lag before allowing FEMA‘s participation with Katrina. It is seldom, if ever, mentioned that FEMA was not permitted to be deployed by the federal government without the permission of the governor of the state in question. Kathleen Blanco, Democrat governor of Louisiana, did not grant President Bush permission to unleash FEMA, despite his repeated requests. Sandy affected more states than did Katrina. Sandy is listed as the second worst hurricane in U.S. History. The worst is not Katrina. Yet Katrina still trumps Sandy in the tragedy stakes after eight years. Why have liberals permitted this president to get away with nothing but lip service?

As recently as Monday of this week this administration has been cited as the most restrictive, the most covert administration in U.S. history. Information that had been part of the public record has been suppressed for the sake of “security.” Government agencies are buying up ammunition and weapons in record numbers while seeking to disarm the public.

Liberals argue that cant exists on both sides of the aisle. It does. But the foulest lie put forward for consumption by liberals is that conservatives alone sponsor dogma when it is leftists that struggle to make their propaganda compulsory.

Mr. Steyn asks: “Where are all of the principled liberals?” When liberals are in command, there aren’t any.

Image: Mark Steyn; author:Tania Gail from USA; Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license

Marilyn Assenheim
Marilyn Assenheim was born and raised in New York City. She spent a career in healthcare management although she probably should have been a casting director. Or a cowboy. A serious devotee of history and politics, Marilyn currently lives in the NYC metropolitan area.