The Great Fence of America

Written by David Hiatt on March 4, 2013

800px-Defense.gov_News_Photo_061003-F-1726H-004Over 2000 illegal aliens from Mexico were released from prison last week.  Some with minor violations, others with domestic violence and a few that were carrying guns illegally.  The following day, the establishment Siamese twins, McCain and Graham, met with Barry to discuss the undocumented immigrant problem.  I am sure those three goof balls will come up with a resolution.  In March, another 3000 plus illegals will be released due to not having enough money in the budget to hold them.  We, the American taxpayer, are paying over an estimated $300 billion per year for these undeserving, disrespectful leeches to bleed entitlement programs and rape our nation. 

Recently, eight congressmen, “The Gang of Eight“, have been working on the immigration problem and to no avail: they have not come to an agreement. One obvious problem in the bill was for undocumented illegals to pay back taxes.  If they are not documented, how on earth do they come up with a real figure?  I am sure most of the illegals will say they just got here yesterday and are looking for a job, just like millions of other citizens.  In Los Angeles County alone, over 4 million illegals that do not have green cards work for cash-only, avoiding paying taxes.  

Some say the undocumented immigrant bill is not amnesty.  I beg to differ.  In a roundabout way, through the current bill, they will all become legal through amnesty.  There are an estimated 11 million illegals in the United States and some projections put the number upwards around 20 million.  If this “Amnesty Bill” should happen to pass, I can only imagine we will see the numbers of illegals significantly rise.

The first agreeable measure of deterrence is to build a fence along the border.  Upon investigation, I have found that the fences being built does not have any consistency. They are all built differently and just about as efficient as some fences put around ones property.  These fences are really a pathetic joke that lacks thought!  I encourage you to visit the video below to comprehend the government’s waste of money on a worthless fence that has been placed at the border to protect our nation from illegal entry.

Wanting to be in the United States and fulfilling the American Dream is understandable.  That requires citizenship and a job.  We have enough of our own citizens that have their hand out to receive government entitlements that are straining the system.  In order to eliminate this growing problem, the law must be enforced and all illegals must return to their homeland to receive proper citizenship for re-entry.

As swift as Obamacare and the multi-stimulus packages were introduced to the nation, we need to present a bill that gives illegals 180 days to leave the country or be incarcerated.  Any company and owners of the company that provides work for illegals will meet maximum fines and possible jail time. Transportation will be provided at the tax payers’ expense to those that have no means of reaching the border; after all this will be saving billions.  All illegals in our prison system will be taken by secured transportation to the border.  This will reduce strain on penitentiaries by a minimum of thirty percent.

Any illegals that would like to work for their amnesty may do so in a Labor/Education Program building a wall at the border.  This program would last a minimum of four years.  Food, clothing, shelter, church and education would be provided.  During this time, all members of the work force must learn how to speak fluent English, have a thorough knowledge of American History and our Constitution.  At the end of the Labor/Education Program, each working individual must pass a test as part of obtaining citizenship.  These individuals would be treated as indentured servants were in the 17th century and with their help, they will provide the means of border security while making history.

With support from the Army Corp of Engineers and assistance from the National Guard a strategy could be formulated to build a  forty foot tall barrier wall sitting on a twenty foot deep foundation between Mexico and the United States.  The wall should be wide enough to allow for a two lane road placed on top having watch towers placed at two mile intervals.

The United States of America is the greatest nation on earth and we are capable of enormous challenges.  While this wall may not be feasible or politically popular, something more than a glorified backyard fence needs to be placed at our border, a wall that cannot be scaled or tunneled under.  It is agreed that any “Amnesty Bill” passed before an efficient barrier is in place is insignificant.  

Meanwhile, in the next ten years, the cost to the American taxpayer will exceed one trillion dollars. 

David Hiatt sees a good part of America driving his truck across it, mostly from Indiana down to the bottom of Texas. He is a passionate Christian Constitutional Conservative that is concerned about the direction this Great Nation is heading.