The Solution To School Shootings Is Not God

Written by Andres Ortiz on March 22, 2013

downloadAt least not according to American Atheists, who attacked Texas’ Governor Rick Perry for saying we should not turn to our laws but rather to our places of worship and prayer in light of the recent shootings. The Atheists put up a billboard in Texas mocking the Governor’s proposed solution to our violence, arguing that he is “out of touch with reality.” Moreover, the American Atheists say “playing the God card is not a valid substitute for real action.” The group will also purchase a billboard to mock Mike Huckabee and his stance on biblical principles as well.

I cannot help but wonder what “real action” means to the atheists. Maybe they mean social Darwinism, like eugenics and euthanasia. Would they be satisfied if we took down all the churches, relics of God, changed the calendar to something less Christian, and began to worship reason? Because France tried every one of those in the 18th century and history called it the Reign of Reason. Wait that’s not right…was it the Reign of Wisdom? No that’s not right either. Oh wait, that’s right, it was called the Reign of Terror.

When you do away with God and in His place you begin to teach children that they are nothing but a fancy chemical fart, then there is no reason why I shouldn’t take a couple of handguns into an elementary school and light it up. There is no reason I shouldn’t have sex with the hot barista girl at Starbucks, her sister, and all her girl friends just to never talk to them again. There is no reason I shouldn’t do what makes me happy even though it comes at the cost of others. Who will tell me what is right and wrong? The folks who don’t believe in higher authority? Please.

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